Monday, June 18, 2012

Flavor & Fiber Nutrition Bar Review & Giveaway (GNU)

Last week a pretty little package showed up at my door from GNU foods. The GNU Company had expressed interest in sponsoring a giveaway for my readers so I was thrilled when I opened this box of delightful, health-food goodies!

I love these nutrition bars. I basically grew up with them so naturally they're a favorite! What I like best about the Flavor & Fiber bars is, as the name implies, they contain fiber! You'd be surprised how many things don't, but fiber is what pushes food through the digestive track. Without fiber, you're stuck- literally. Click here to read exactly what fiber is and why you need it.

GNU Bars also have:
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No refined sugars (except the chips in Blondie)
  • No cholesterol
  • No trans fat
  • No hydrogenated oil
  • No sugar alcohols
  • No dairy (except blondie), and 
  • No soy! 
How exciting that all the Flavor & Fiber bars are vegan & dairy free, except the Blondie Bar (contains whole milk powder)! I really appreciate how this company makes a concerted effort to create great tasting, all-natural options for people like you & me who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Because they're so sweet, GNU sent me a box of tasty samples so I could recommend the best flavors to you :-) It's so hard to choose which ones to try first-- they all look so good! I try to eat mostly fresh foods, and stay away from packaged food for the most part- but it's great to have a healthy grab-n-go version for when you need it!

I had some work I needed to catch up on Saturday afternoon so I tried out the carrot cake bar as a snack. I was surprised at how good it tasted and how much it really did taste like carrot cake! It's the cinnamon, nutmeg & allspice that makes it. I love these spices, they make the house smell so good when you're baking :)

Okay... so, the Rules to Enter the GNU Flavor & Fiber Giveaway! 

Answer the following questions in the comment form below + leave your name & contact info:
  1. What's your favorite health food,
  2. What's your favorite summer exercise?, and 
  3. What's your most satisfying snack food or a recipe you would like to see on this blog?

For everyone who participates, please say "Thank-You!" to GNU Flavor & Fiber by LIKING their Facebook page!

The selected winner will receive an assorted box (a total of 16 free bars!) of GNU Flavor & Fiber bars as prize! The giveaway starts now and runs until Friday, June 22 at 12noon! 


It's been a good day, I'm grateful to say! In actuality, everyday is a good day- it's our perspective, wouldn't you say? :-) Although, I have to admit this day has been extra fun as I love sharing information about healthy foods, and great companies, with you!!! 

Did anyone do anything special for Father's Day yesterday? I would say we're a note family so dad received a pile of special cards and letters! 

I remember being a little girl & how my dad would scoop me up in his big arms and the safe feeling that always overwhelmed me. Now, I'm so blessed to be his grown-up daughter. (I know... forever daddy's little girl :) Dad has always given me wise counsel and it's an invaluable asset when I'm facing life decisions. Words will never express how my heart fills with pride & joy, and gratitude, when I think of what he means to me. 

Special occasions call for special food! Food isn't just for fuel, although that is an important part. It's for fellowship too! 

I made a "promise" to not make our dessert for Father's Day "healthy" (did I really say that?! Okay... maybe there was some pressure- I do have 5 hearty brothers! lol!) Let's just say, I did the best I could... but I still played with the recipe :P Here's the base ice cream recipe I went off of, and then this is what I actually did.

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream: 
1 1/2 cups original almond milk
1 cup white sugar
4 cups heavy cream
1-2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

I tasted the mixture before freezing & just relished the moment. We also had a delicious peach crisp as peaches are one of my dad's favorite fruits. That turned out great too! Sorry not much in the way of pictures there :/

But, check out this mouth-watering salad that was served up for lunch today! 

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sauerkraut, mushrooms, olives & 1 soft boiled egg. Dressing of choice :) 

My workout today left me feeling invigorated! 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill, stretching in the sunshine (!), bicep curls, overhead presses, a few tricep dips later and I felt re-energized! 

Be sure to sign-up for your chance to win an assorted box of GNU Fiber & Flavor bars! 


Erin said...

My favorite healthy food is Greek yogurt. My favorite summer activities are running and yoga. I love salads and am always looking for new combinations. I'd love to win!


tara1965 said...
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tara1965 said...

I love cheese,running and want to see bean recipes

Sandy said...

I love kale, swimming and I'd love to see some low fat salad dressings!

moonsword said...

Faves: Blueberries, swimming and I'd love to see raw and/or vegan burger recipes! Thanks!

Emily said...

I love fruit! (Especially oranges) My favorite workout is bike riding with my brothers and I would love to see some pasta recipes.


Hui Teng said...

I absolutely love having a slice of wholemeal bread with some peanut butter, sprinkled with some sunflower seeds on top (all organic). My favourite summer exercise would be running outdoors with my a few of my guy and girl friends. I find eating a homemade fruit salad most satisfying to both my taste buds and stomach.

Jordan said...

My favorite versatile health food is Greek yogurt because it can be paired with whole grains, fruit, or veggies...sweet or savory. I go through so much of it! My favorite summer exercise is just walking to enjoy the weather, honestly. Lately, popcorn has been the most satisfying snack to me.

Ashley said...

What's your favorite health food - sweet potato!
What's your favorite summer exercise? - Bike Riding!
What's your most satisfying snack food or a recipe you would like to see on this blog? - I enjoy yogurt with fruit and granola/nuts as a satisfying snack!

Ashley -

Jenna Z said...

1. I don't at too many prepackaged "health foods" but I do enjoy energy cubes from the bulk aisle. Right now I am loving fresh spring turnips, sugar peas and kale from my garden!
2. Swimming and ballet are two faves this summer so far!
3. I am most satisfied by veggies and dip (hummus, quac, white bean dip salsa) OR a COLD, crisp apple.

Colorado mom said...

I love fruit smoothies! Hiking and boot camp classes are my favorite exercises. And I am looking for new quinoa recipes now. Loving quinoa lately!


Jovan said...

1. What's your favorite health food? - Avocado
2. What's your favorite summer exercise? - Running
3. What's your most satisfying snack food or a recipe you would like to see on this blog? Anything with avocados


kailarose said...

Favorite health food is spinach!!


kailarose said...
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kailarose said...

Favorite summer exercise-BIKING!!


kailarose said...

Favorite snack food-peanut butter and ANYTHING! :)


bretta said...

My favorite health food is Watermelon! Addicted to the stuff. My favorite summer exercise is running! My favorite go to snack is the Gnu Peanut butter bar. I eat one a day, among other flavors!
Bretta Thompson

Kristin said...

Health food - kale
Summer exercise - running really early in the morning to beat the heat
Satisfying snack - protein shake or hummus and veggies

Tami said...

What's your favorite health food, fresh fruit
What's your favorite summer exercise?, well, I have recently picked up running, I love to zumba, and I have found that I actually like spin class :)
What's your most satisfying snack food or a recipe you would like to see on this blog? I would say smoothies that do not use spinach or kale- I can't have either due to kidney stones.

Also- I am really crossing my fingers that I win this- I can't have soy and it's so hard to find bars to eat that don't have soy in them!

Kathy said...

Granola, walking, and recipes with Raspberries