Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spanish Mackerel

Happy Tuesday, peoples! I sacrificed yesterday's blog post in exchange from some fresh atlantic Spanish mackerel. My brothers went out to sea fishing and came home with a cooler full! And, of course since this isn't an everyday experience for them they had to take pictures of their expedition so I let them take along my camera. :-)  

Honestly, I felt kind of lost without it :P It's seriously scary how often I use that thing! 

The time without my camera was made up for when I saw this picture the boys brought back. Isn't this sunset from the coastal shoreline of North Carolina breath-taking? It's makes me want to go and personally experience foamy waves and sand between toes. :P

Protein shake for breakfast this morning. Yummy! 

I ran across this neat little YouTube video from Everyday Health Girl.com on fast and cheap green smoothies. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you guys. 

I made a visit to Whole Foods last weekend! It's always a huge treat to visit this natural grocery store because the closest one from my house is an hour away :/ We stocked up on some juicing supplies. :) 

It was a supper stop, too and I went for the buffet - greens, organic beets & Mediterranean tuna salad w/ a ginger berry Kombucha. :)

Today's lunch was a Kind almond & coconut bar (amazing!) and a tasty red apple with sun butter. I  missed my greens this meal but at least some made it into my smoothie this morning :P

Dinner tonight was, of course, the fresh fish - Spanish mackerel! Served with brown rice veggie pasta salad and homemade deviled eggs.

The fish was topped with a delicious spinach/breadcrumb mixture and lemon slices. :)

We have a winner Beanitos giveaway chip winner . . . Keyona! Congrats, girl :) Hope you enjoy - you'll have to let us all know how you like them. 

That's it for now, folks. It's been a great day for me and I hope for you, too! There are lots of interesting things goin' on and since I'm tired - I need to hit the sack so I can be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning. :P

But before I sign-off, question of the day: Do you like fresh sea food? And, have you ever had Spanish Mackerel? 


Keyona said...

Oh my goodness girl, that sunset is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing the video!!

Can't wait to try Beaniots!!

Tsephe Letseka said...

The food here just looks (and I'm sure tastes) so awesome.