Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Runs, Two Snakes -- Enough for me!

{PICTURE TO COME IN THE MORNING! I don't have access to the one I took at the moment :/ Check back!}

I'm sorry- not trying to gross you out here (as I know you came to this food blog looking for delicious recipes, right?!) but this story is too good to pass up!!!! lol!

Uggh!!!! Ok, so you all know that I absolutely cannot stand snakes! They gross me out. Internally. It's almost like I get the shakes, or something ..... or more like shivers running up my spine. :p I would be perfectly happy never to encounter one again in my entire life........

Someone once asked me if that would be a good joke on me, and I said "NOOOO!". It's more like one of those disorders where I choke up, and it's not funny-- like I get mad and you'd wish you hadn't. hehe!!!!!!

Get this, though! In the past month, I have managed to practically step on two (on separate occasions) one of which happened to be tonight!!!!!!!

This is no joke.

I was enjoying my run this evening down a gravel dirt road on the family farm, and all the sudden I notice this orange-ish red streak and see a snake head attached to this long body of repitle material--- right next to my foot.

Waaaaaaah- is right! I ran the opposite direction which had me somewhat trapped as I was trying to get back to the house and the snake was between me and it.

Dilemma, is correct.

Take the path I just came form? (where the known snake is) or venture off into the pasture where there are probably more that I can't see?..................

Yes, I prayed- and made a dash into the pasture towards the house. :p

Seriously freaking out about now and calling for reinforcements. My sister (Mary) happened to be out feeding her dogs at the precise moment and she came with the shovel. You rock, girl!

You got it my running speed INCREASED! The bros came wanted to be in on the fun too and a shotgun and pistol where soon on the scene. It was insisted that I go first because I was the one who had seen it and knew where it was-- to make sure no one stepped on it.

Of course, the snake had now ventured on and we were DETERMINED to find it! Come on, peoples-- we live our lives here and another snake skin on the barn wall in a trophy (jk!).

Since it was no longer casually laid out on my running trail, imagine this. Me, my pink-shirted sister with her shovel and 3 of my little bros scanning the ground for this 3 footer + snake.

I'm sure we were quite the sight......

We didn't discover it until my 8 yr old brother almost stepped on it (following in his big sister's footsteps, right?).

Head was promptly detached from body and we left as victors. =)

I hate snakes, but it doesn't mean I hate anyone who happens to like them. :p hehe! That's just me, and I'm sticking to my guns (and shovel)-- literally!

So, are you a snake love or hater! Let's get this one going--- tell me!


Liv said...

I would take a snake over a spider most any day. Especially wolf spiders...they make me nearly jump out of my skin. Though my brother is freaked out by snakes and as kids my sister and I weren't allowed to bring pictures of snakes, rubber snakes, or snake skins around him. =)

Jezz Dallas said...

OMG!! I freak out when I see a snake...had some recent encounter as well, aweful!! I won´t even go into the green areas around here anymore cuz of that...nature has its perks but that not so much!

Reese (Pieces of Reese) said...

My dad lives basically in the middle of nowhere and I used to run around there sometimes when I lived there, even though I hated it and it made me nervous. Then on day he texted me a picture of him holding a six foot dead rattlesnake that he stopped and killed as it was slithering across the road. I never ran there again!