Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gone Nuts!

Ok, yea! I've pretty much gone nuts this week. :p Walnuts, pecans, raw sunflower seeds-- you name it! They are so yummy and heart healthy, too. :) 

A lot of people worry about the fat content of nuts, but as long as your eating reasonable serving sizes they are a excellent choice! Fat content in food is actually what gives up that "full feeling" and helps keeps us from feeling hungry. :) 

I especially love cashews for their magnesium content as it's a mineral I need to focus feeding my body more of, right now!

This week has been crraaaazzy for me. How are your workouts going, on top of the healthy eating? :p Thankfully I was able to squeeze in a 2 miler run this evening. :) It's late, though- and I'm leaving the library now to head home! See ya soon! 

Comment and tell me-- do you like nuts? 

Any particular favorites? :) 

Do you go for raw, or roasted and salted? 


Liv said...

I love nuts! I like salted almonds or plain. And toasted walnuts. I'm also a fan of cashews and peanuts. I don't like pistachios though

Morgan Ingram said...

Pistachios , walnuts, raw almonds... Hubs loves cashews!