Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Rundown

It's been a great day! I went for a 30 minute run this morning which left me feeling grateful that I can even go for a run. You know those days when you debate with yourself whether or not you can get away with skipping today's workout? Well... it was one of those days for me. However, once I identified what was actually going on in my brain, I realized there was nothing more important than following through with my original plan. As Nike says, "Just do it!" Something I am learning to pay more attention too! :-) Today is all we have to make a difference. Today matters. 

{This was my light lunch. These gorgeous greens are from a friend's garden! The leaves were surprisingly sweet-- so good!}

{And then this was my snack. Since I didn't eat much for lunch I was starving by mid-afternoon!}

So I don't have pictures to share from supper, but it was amazing. I simply love anything Mexican, especially chips and salsa. I wanted to mention this because as I was looking back over this post it looks like I don't eat a lot. This makes me laugh! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a hearty appetite most days of the week-- I'm real :)

Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for a special announcement involving the Peanut Butter runner!

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jes @ twosmuppies said...

that lunch looks really good!
given i just had a carb loaded dinner, i think anything green looks good right about now.
xx jes