Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spaghetti Gone Healthy

This was dinner last night. :)

Quick, easy and... YUM! It was light too which is perfect for the warm weather that's rolling in.

What spring vegetables are you loving this week? :) 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Guest Posting!

My sweet blogging friend at LivLife.blogspot did a little "interview" of me on her blog today. :) Be sure to check Olivia's blog out, and all of her inspiring posts: HERE

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is.... almost here!

I'm obsessed with the color green... not really, but it has been making it's appearance a lot of late! Green apples, green salads, green smoothies, and even a short green skirt with brow tights today. :p 

Have you been eating your greens today, too? 

And, today is pretty exciting because I'm getting ready to sign a lease for my new office! Heart Happy Nutrition-- you were destined to be. =) 

Happy spring, everyone! Stay happy. :) Comment and tell me one thing you're loving about warmer weather!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Monday!

It's Monday, folks and I'm hacking away!

This pic was after a short workout this morning. :) I'd taken a a little break from running but I'm hitting the trail this evening after work.

What are you workout plans for this week? Any runs on the agenda? :) 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gone Nuts!

Ok, yea! I've pretty much gone nuts this week. :p Walnuts, pecans, raw sunflower seeds-- you name it! They are so yummy and heart healthy, too. :) 

A lot of people worry about the fat content of nuts, but as long as your eating reasonable serving sizes they are a excellent choice! Fat content in food is actually what gives up that "full feeling" and helps keeps us from feeling hungry. :) 

I especially love cashews for their magnesium content as it's a mineral I need to focus feeding my body more of, right now!

This week has been crraaaazzy for me. How are your workouts going, on top of the healthy eating? :p Thankfully I was able to squeeze in a 2 miler run this evening. :) It's late, though- and I'm leaving the library now to head home! See ya soon! 

Comment and tell me-- do you like nuts? 

Any particular favorites? :) 

Do you go for raw, or roasted and salted? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Springing Forward!

The time change.... aaaahhh! Lovely, huh? 

Thankfully, I had an energizing coconut banana chocolate green smoothie this morning to thrust me forward. :p

What greens are you relishing today? :) You adjusting to the new time ok? Silly me, but I forgot to change my clock... last night I was thinking it was only 11-ish while "tomorrow" had already been ushered in!

Anyways, here's a cheat sheet for you on the greens to get your Monday started off right! 

Check it out, and have fun with your energizing veggies. :) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Old Are You? Really...

Are you getting your greens on for this week? :p 

We all know (intellectually) that we are what we eat, and that this is waaay easier said then done! Our bodies are never staying the same-- they are constantly in a state of repairing / rejuvenating. But, how long does it *really* take your body to rebuild itself?? 

Interested? Me, too! 

Let's check it out. :) 

Liver = 5 months 

Taste buds = 10 days

Brain age = same as your age

Heart age = 20 years (wow! take care of you heart :) 

Lung age = 2-3 weeks

Skin age = 2-4 weeks

Intestines = 2-3 days (this is why you can eat like trash for a few days, feel rotten, then-- switch your diet and in 3 days feel a whole lot better! high turn over there....) 

Red blood cells = 4 months

Source credit: Dailymail

Isn't this cool info?! It's always great to be reminded that our bodies ARE for us-- constantly building us up!

So, are you getting your greens on today? :p  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!