Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Got an A in Chemistry!

Umm, I think I might have bumped my head on a cloud. ;) So happy!

Thank you, Jesus. That's all I can say. This past year I went back to "real school" after 5 years post high school graduation.




By God's grace.

This semester?

I got an A in Chemistry.



My reaction when getting all A's in all my classes?

I cried. Nope, not even joking.

I remember at one point during this semester, I wondered if I should drop my chemistry class as it was just that hard for me, but I hung in there and texted my girlfriend venting "It only wins if I quit". Basically, saying I'd get an F before I'd quit.

I spent at least 8 hours on a 25 question take home test over Thanksgiving. So thankful I did well on that test as it was incredibly rough but more because I spent so much time on it! Our professor definitely made it more in depth and harder since we'd have a few days (our break :p) to work on it. He's like that-- and looooved trick questions!

Haha, and the final days before finals? My darling friend Iris and I literally lived at Barnes and Noble going page by page to make sure we understood everything. Surprisingly, it was fun although my shoulders hurt so bad from the stress. :p

But, it's over and I'm soooooo thankful! And, I got an A in the class I thought I'd definitely get a B in and possibly even a C. Lol

For the past year I'd felt the Lord gently nudging me to entertain going back to school to continue my education and it feels good to have finished up this semester strong.

Applying for nursing school this year and will see what else God has in store!

Reindeer Run

Yaay for 5Ks to get us moving during the chilling winter months and inspire me to eat healthy in spite of all the delicious Christmas goodies that my tastebuds are in love with!

Yesterday morning I ran my 4th annual Ryan's Reindeer Run. That's me in the green. :p

Placed 60th out of over 700 runners and came in as the 13th woman at 24:47. Slightly disappointed as I normally run a 7:15---7:30 ish mile but I didn't really train for this race and there were a lot (!) of hills! So I'm ok with this time, all things considered and just glad I got out there an ran. :)

Group pic!  Merry Christmas, ya'll. :) 

Comment and tell me what you're doing to stay active during this most wonderful time of the year

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beautiful Fall Run

Hey y'all! Long time no see! Who's still running?! 

This is a screenshot from a backwoods / beautiful country roads run last Saturday. :) I loooove run and definitely loove all the gorgeous fall weather NC is experiencing right now! The two combined is next to perfection, don't you think? ;) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pre-Nursing Student

(CNA class in Raleigh last week... knocking out a pre-req requirement)

Shock-er! This girl is going back to school... for nursing! Haha, that's right- apparently everyone saw it coming but me. :p

Growing up, I had people tell me I'd make a great nurse to which I'd just laugh with an attitude that said, "Thanks but I don't think I could handle all those needles."

So, nursing did pass through my brain but I didn't seriously begin considering it until this past May.

I graduated The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in March (loved it!) which led me to a cross-road... Take on more health coaching clients while continuing to work on my degree OR possibly something else....

I love the health care field. It must be in my "blood", pun-intended. LOL So the desperate journey of "deciding" which track of health care got thrown up in the air this past May. I'd had been dead set on Registered Dietitian since last fall which seemed to fit perfectly with this last year of nutrition school!

"No-- I am not switching tracks, God. I've got this covered!" said the fearful of the future me.

The decision process for nursing has been one of the most stressful and exciting things I've ever done in my life! I bought books on nursing, watched videos online, talked to dozens (literally!) of people who ares nurses themselves, researched schools, went and toured one of the top nursing programs in the state at MU, tried to talked myself about of it, and prayed.


That's right, this process wasn't a crystal-clear decision I felt like I supposed to make, or maybe it was--- because I had such a hard time with it and couldn't shake off "feeling" that kept telling me I should consider the possibility.

I wrestled with this idea, like I often do when God is telling me he has something better for me than my own plans that are neatly laid out in my head. "No, God- I've been working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian this whole last year. You know I love food and the nutrients inside crazy things like bananas and walnuts-- hey! I just finished up a year long nutrition certification! Plus you didn't make me to be a quitter so I'm going to finish. I'm getting my BS in Food and Nutrition from University of Alabama and then applying for my internship, going to help lots of people and really love this job. I've done all the research. I'm good. But, thanks God!"

I didn't say those exact words, but with my "I've got this all figured out" attitude I think that's what I communicated which didn't leave me open to God's direction for a possible better fit for my life, gifts and what He wants me to do.

God tapped me on the shoulder, and led me through experiences until I was at the "Ok, Jesus- if you'll help me" moment.

Switching tracks, and taking the mental steps to gear up for nursing school has been extremely hard for me. Taking the mental steps to gear up for nursing school and realizing I may not have a life for the next 2-3 years scares me to death.

But, I'm not doing this in my own strength. Annnnd-- I have incredible friends and family that are supporting me!

So, this summer I've literally spent days just standing in line once I picked my school getting things in order! Haha, but all registered and good to go-- classes started on Monday. :)

Let's do this.

Friday, July 25, 2014

23 Random Things...

I thought it would be fun, and a little random to rattle off some things for landmark #23.

Uh-hem. Yes! I'm in the 23-yr old club now. ;)

You game for this? Cool, let's go! Comment and tell me which ones you resonate with or any random things you think should be added if it were your list. :p

#1 - Life isn't about stuff. Yup, it's true. So glad!

#2 - That saying about "feeling unsettled" in your early 20s is absolutely a real thing. Lol

#3 - They say never go on a date with your teacher for a reason... We'll leave it at that. Let's just say, if he's still into you after it becomes a no go on your side-- can make for some unavoidable awkward-ness, AND you still have to go to class. :/

#4 - Nature literally makes me happy and feel peaceful. I need it-- without it, I'm not ok!

#5 - Taking care of yourself is important, but it's not the ultimate goal. In the end, we all break down but a little maintenance never hurts. :)

#6 - If you feel like being a little wild... It's ok- go for it while you can and don't be too hard on yourself. Most likely you won't "feel" like this forever.

#7 - Star-gazing is one of the most incredible experiences ever. I promise, you'll feel better just lying on your back in the grass looking at the sky.

#8 - God wants a dialogue, not a monologue. Listen, and talk-- He's there.

#9 - Make new friends but keep the old.

#10 - Country music is the bomb. I swoon over a deep, rich voice.

#11 - People are people- make allowances for this fact.

#12 - Kiss babies whenever you get the chance.

#13 - Whenever possible, jump off rocks into rivers. The rush is incredible- play it safe, though. :)

#14 - Lots of times there are lots of right answers. If someone claims to have direct revelation for how you should live YOUR life- beware. Make sure you're listening to God yourself and not just looking for an external "feel good confirmation".

#15 - Handwritten notes are rare and valuable in this day of texting.

#16 - We girls-- yes, appreciate it.... when boys hold the door. wowzah!

#17 - Studying US History earlier this year awakened a love in me I didn't know I had. I guess some things just need a chance!

#18 - Hearts get broken but time helps to heal.

#19 - Sing. Merry hearts are the best!

#20 - Hug people. We all need it regardless of how "ok" we look.

#21 - Trying something new is sometimes scary, but the experience and other side is most usually rewarding!

#22 - Fresh food roadside / country stands are a blast from the past. My dad and I share this love whenever we go to the mountains. Let's keep it up dad!

#23 - Possessing a sense of wonder keeps life interesting!


#24 - Nothing is perfect and you will mess up but that's ok too. Go for what makes you happy and whatever you can do to help others!

Your turn! What's something random that you think and would like to share? :)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm Done Trying to "Figure It All Out"

{End of semester voice recital with my sister Mary-- "Think of Me" Phantom of the Opera} 

Wow. I am so excited about life!

Hold tight, ramblings from yours truly are being let loose. :p

I recently got my first referral from a heart doctor!!! Over the moon excited. :) Been working towards this for a while and it's rewarding to see things coming together!

Currently, I'm working as a holistic health coach with my target market being heart disease and diabetics.

I rented an adorable office for 2 months (May and June) but let it go for July because I realized I didn't want to be stuck in an office (right now) and much prefer the "coffee house atmosphere" for meeting clients. On the plus side, no rent fee! Alright, alright- maybe the main reason! Lol

But, I am slightly sad about letting the office go as was it was a fun and professional place to be. I painted it and everything-- changing things from this dull yellowish color to a calming blue-ish green. Sure, it's ok to laugh at me... I love psychology so much I did a bit of research on paint colors and how they influence our thinking. :p  I'll spare you deets least you begin to think I'm a psycho... Lol!

My space was on the second floor with an insurance company one door over and accountants right below so it was a super great environment with lots of amazing people to interact with. Oh, well! There's always the future, and I feel like I'm moving towards a good place. Hopefully, at least! :P

{Fun with family pic}

Ok, so for recreational things?

I'm having the time of my life taking western dance! Started this up just a few weeks ago and it's been such a 'cherry-on-top activity' as I like to say. : )

Learning to dance (correctly! growing up I was always "the guy" as I have 3 sisters) is something I've *always* wanted to do. I recently experienced a big disappointment in my life (ouch.... yes, it reeeeeaaaally hurt!) which led me back to my bucket list and motivating myself to stay involved in things I'm passionate about. Yup! You guessed it--- swing dancing was on that list. One of those moments where the pain drives you to push a few doors open and move past your comfort zone, ya know?

So, since I'm about to enter my "Jordan year" (as those of us in North Carolina call our 23rd birthday after the Michael Jordan who's the #23 for UNC basketball) I'm just re-evaluating some things.... haha! Whenever I mention this to "older" friends they laugh at me... ah, why? This is serious, folks!

{Being a beach bum back in March}

Plans for year 23?

You betcha.

Haha! But, you know what's at the top of the list?

I've decided to stop worrying.

{Struggling cough.}


Yes, I am a planner so this is extremely hard for me to say.

When I look back at my life I wish I could just give advice to my younger sweet 16 self and say, just "love Jesus with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and then DO WHAT YOU WANT!"


It's that simple.

So, while I can't get those years back I can live this moment with this attitude. :)

And, while being strategic and *having a plan* may be the better part of wisdom (and definitely different from worrying) I think I am more prone to taking things to the extreme when I get scared or feel out of control.

And, then guess what? I spend all my time planning versus doing. I think my over-planning is an attempt to control the future and stay safe.

Staying safe is not what life is about, though.

And who doesn't experience times in their life when they are uncertain about the future? Fact is, a lot of life is scary but it can also be an incredible amount of fun too!! Daily life itself is a walk of faith because we can't see everything. :) I want the cliff-hangers to drive me to Jesus, not away. That's what makes life a beautiful walk, sprint or run (depending on the life season!).

So, one of my "action steps" for year 23 is to just let go, love more, and be open to God's guidance in this moment versus trying to "figure it all out."

Haha, I by no means know where all this will lead me but I have a feeling, just a feeling.... it's going to awesome. = )

{Beach bike ride with my bro Josh a couple weeks back}

I want to live this moment.

Be present.

That's what this moment is, a "present", right? :)

To unwrap the present and appreciate this moment I need to focus on it.

If I'm always looking to the next thing I won't enjoy today.

So, here's to moving past the comfort zone and being ok with not feeling safe.

It's ok to just ride the wave; it might even be a whole better to enjoy the ride versus fight it and get all tried out.

Jesus has His children in the palm of His hand, why should I fear?

Night, my friends! :)

"That my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. LORD my God, I will praise you forever." (from Psalm 30) 

Friday, July 4, 2014

'merica! Happy 4th!

Happy Independence Day! Today has been a crazy day full of school and time at the hospital, but it's all good.

Almost, almost.... done with this summer semester at Campbell. :)

Can't wait.

Haha, I still have homework left but it's 'merica's birthday so I'm shaking the dust and heading to an outdoor event at Chapel Hill for some fireworks and live music.

Just the best. :P

Enjoy the rest of this awesome day and stay safe!

xoxox, Katherine