Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Day I Went Hunting . . .

Alrighty, you guys asked for dove hunting pictures so here ya go!

My uncle hosts a opening dove day party every year. :) I'd been a couple years since I'd enjoyed in on the fun so this was extra special, for me! 

Sister Allie, and bro Sam fixing things up. 

Ooh, yeah. :p 

My uncle let me shoot his 12-gauge shotgun which was really nice! 

In the backseat of the truck with bullets galore and my sista Mary. 

In the woods. :) 

Just for the record, I actually did hit something. :p 

Our whole crew! 

Yup, we plum love each other. :p 

Alrighty, I've got to run . . .  been bitten by the closet organize bug! :p) And, then there's a chick-flick movie night Allie & I are hosting!!! 

So, do you like to hunt? 

What do you like most about? The still quietness of nature, or the actual sport? 

More fun stuff to come next week! 


drdave said...

Love to hunt! Love to spend time outdoors! Most people equate hunting to killing. Not the same. 99% waiting game and 1% adrenalin rush!

Katherine said...

I agree, Dave. :)