Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blog Change.... Yet Again!

Yay! I'm sure your digging it right about now.... another blog change!!! lol!

Hmm- I might have a thing going for change. :P  (check out this post from August 2013) what do you think? 

Have fun, and let me know your thoughts!

Ok, so I like this layout a lot better because it's cleaner, a lot simpler, and I'm a total less-mess wannabe. Ya know?!

I agree... the polka dots are probably *way* cuter, but black & white were just calling my name!

Old "About Blog" page....

To this!

New Year 2014 has me all ready to throw out the junk, and start afresh! My personal closet is soon to feel the effects of this mindset. :/

See ya later, gator!


Goal of Losing said...

It looks great! :)

Katherine said...

Thanks, Kay : )

Pree said...

I like the polka dotssss!!! :-p

Katherine said...

Aw, i know, Preshii- I'm starting to miss 'em myself lol! they might re-appear here soon :P

Tammy said...

I like the polka dots. I find myself always changing the look of my blog too. I have polka dots right now. :)