Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Give Up!

Okay, not really :) But, I do give up on trying to force people to make the healthy choices I think they should make. Simply - I'm not responsible for other people's decisions, I'm responsible for mine. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink - so stop trying!

What inspired this? Well, early this morning my little brothers were getting ready to leave for the day. It was about 6 o'clock, I'd say. I had ordered this new green drink powder because if tastes better than most and I wanted them to try it.

They started giving me a "hard" time in their sweet sort of way. Instead of my normal - please drink this, you really need it! The conversation went something like this - "Jon, it's like a car. If you want your car to run well, you give it oil and take very good care of it. You wouldn't expect it to work any other way, would you? The same with your body. Green drinks are like oil to your car - they help your body run well. It's your choice whether or not you want to drink this." The end of the story? He drank it :)

Don't ever give up on people! Sometimes it's not a matter of pressing someone to do something, but finding the right method of persuasion and helping them to understand why it's important.

I had wild salmon on Saturday night with brown rice, and beans with lemon and caramelized onions. It was a special treat; I can't remember the last time I'd had salmon! An excellent source of omega-3s :)

This beans dish was easy peasy! Instead of boiling water and cooking the beans that way, I did them in a skillet. Prepare your string beans a usual and melt a little butter in your skillet; add some chopped onion. Toss in your beans and skirt in some fresh lemon juice. Then just cook them until desired tenderness. Personally, I like them a little crispy because the less you cook them the more nutrients are preserved.

I put a carrot in my green smoothie this morning :) Yum! Carrots are a great natural sweetener. 

I went pear picking last night! Amazing experience :-)

This was part of tonight's supper for me this evening. A bowl of granola with greek yogurt topped with frozen fruit is one of my current favorites :) Even though this is typically considered a breakfast meal - I could eat it anytime of day! It's like a dessert :P

I ran 2.4 miles yesterday afternoon and 2 miles this morning before breakfast. Tomorrow is my off day for running so I think I'll do something fun and pull out a DVD workout or something. What are your workouts looking like this week?


Lisa said...

Hey, congrats on getting your brother to try the green juice! I think you're so right about needing to find the right approach.

Your salmon dinner looks delish and I can eat breakfast anytime of the day.

Today I didn't work out - had to be at work too early - but I'm mixing it up with various cardio and strength training. Great job on your runs!

RunningJunkie said...

I am going to try this new frozen berry craze. I tried frozen banana last night and it was awesome!

My workouts are a group fitness class every day at lunch (Yesterday was Yoga, today is Spin class) then a run in the evening every other day while my daughter bikes. This past Sunday and this coming Sunday, it's hiking:-)

Tisa Jacob said...

Amazing Julia. I absoultely love that salmon and wild rice dinner- yum! And the yogurt, granola idea looks so good, and yes, for any time of the day. Gorgeous pictures!