Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I Need Breakfast Ideas!

Hi, friends! 

It's the middle of the week and I need some more breakfast ideas! It's been green smoothies of late after waaay too long of 'a break!

What are your go-to favorites? :) 

I pretty much burnt out on eggs (scrambled, boiled, 'omelitized' -- you name it!) so anything other than that, I'm open!

Leave a comment-- tell me your all-time, personal breakfast favorites!!!


Liv said...

Here are two delicious looking recipes I just ran across:

Sarah said...

I love making a huge healthy apple crisp at the beginning of the week, and then just pull it out and heat it up when i'm ready to eat breakfast! :) I also LOVE oatmeal!!

suzy+co said...

I would suggest:
yogurt and granola - this is my go-to breakfast
Make a batch of waffles (whatever kind you like) and freeze them, then pop them in the toaster.
Oh you could also make breakfast burritos and freeze them individually and then pop them in the micro.
If you have a crockpot you can make oatmeal overnight in it. Then with any leftovers you could make some oatmeal muffins.

Hope some of them help.

Sarah said...

Hi there,

1. I swear on Quinoa before long runs and races:
(the recipe source is in English).

2. Have you ever heard of "Bircherm├╝sli"? Probably yes, though it's pretty Swiss in its origin. You let the oats soak over night with a grated apple, milk and some extras. Looks like this:

3. Plus, I am really into pumpkin oatmeal (inspired by American blogs, there seems to be a recipe on at least every second blog) and chia pudding.

Does any idea sound good for you?

Warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Try some quinoa flakes, they are so good!
Pumpkin Pie:
Hot Chocolate:

Ashley @ said...

During the summer I love yogurt, berries, and granola. During the winter I'll use frozen berries, and usually by the time I get to work and am ready to eat my berries are thawed.

Also in the winter I love making a quiche on Sunday. I know it's egg, but it's like an egg pie. I add spinach, mushrooms, and other veggies to make it less eggy :-)

I'm a lazy morning eater so whatever I can grab and go is my favorite!