Monday, October 7, 2013

This Battle Is Not Mine

Today was a hard day. The above picture has nothing to do with anything, except for I love glass bottles and Pellegrino water :). Ooh, and the fact that I thought I was possibly going into a bout of the flue (or something), whizzing into the nearest grocery, and grabbing this off the shelf to keep myself from loosing my "inner-erds". This was actually the least of my worries today, though!

If I could, I would give you more details, but it takes a lot of energy for me to open up with this particular issue as it's so close to my heart. Plus, I'm just plain pooped from the day. . .

At the same time, I feel an inner peace about this situation because my hope is in God. I was reminded by a dear friend yesterday that Jesus IS bigger than this situation, any situation. It really makes no sense why I am not a complete basket case at the moment.

"The LORD God will fight for you. . ." -Exodus 14:14 

". . . For the battle is not yours, but God's"-2 Chronicles 20:15

Sometimes I feel like it's all dependent on me-- like I should do something, or do more!!!!! I know if sounds crazy, but whatever IT is that I'm talking about is -- a TON of responsibility and more like a part, full-time job to stay on top of it all.

But, really if you read the story in Chronicles of the Israelites in battle -- they opened their mouths and praised God versus trusting in their swords. It doesn't mean they weren't ready and willing to fight it just means that wasn't where their hope and security was-- it was in God!

You know what happened when they praised God, despite their circumstances? The enemy turned on itself and started killing each other!!!!

Ok, so I thought this was interesting and wanted to share and it's helped me go from surviving to thriving today. :) Perspective is everything!

I am thoroughly exhausted, though. I hardly did anything physical today which is hilarious-- it's been mostly mental and emotional expenditure. A quick 20 min workout saved my skin by squeezing it in this morning! Phew, seriously- I feel sssoooo much better when I get this into the daily regimen. Don't you agree? :)

It's just after 8pm now, but I'm hoping to hit the sack here soon after I do a little more study for the day. :)

So, I will praise you dear Jesus because you are good, because you are with me, and because you are for me-- a sinner you saved by Grace. :) May Your love shine through me and bless others!

I'm interested to hear from you-- How to do you release after a stressful day? It's ok, we all have them. It's just how we respond to them that counts. :) 

What are you trusting in? :) 

Oh, and I was recently award the Sunshine Award from fellow blogger and friend, The Peanut Butter Runner! Post on this to answer her questions coming soon. :)

Stay tuned- if you're a blogger I might just nominate you next!


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your day but very glad God has given you a clearer perspective.

Shannon Tatlock said...

I used to release with food (who am I kidding, sometimes I still do!), but mostly, I cuddle up with my puppy, put on a good television show and zone out.

Thinking of you. xo

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

Thinking of you! I feel the same way as you about everything depending solely on me sometimes. You're right - Jesus is the only reason for the peace we feel during difficult times.