Friday, February 1, 2013

Fresh Friday

Hi, everyone! You can probably guess what at least one my top 3 fresh & fantastic experiences includes for this. :)

#1 - being stretched (master classes throughout wk and concert Thursday night. i'm planning to do a little follow up video from the i did on Tues so stay posted!)
#2 - close friendships
#3 - wild and wacky winter winter (20 - 60 degrees all in one wk?!)

{i'll update later w/ pics! - but i don't have access to them right now :( }

Tell me what 3 blessings showered your week? {isn't is so hard to just pick 3?!!!!!}


SH said...

We've had a wild weather week too! It was -25 and now it's +2! But it's now February and one month closer to Spring. Awesome!

Linny said...

I've heard the weather has been crazy lately! I hope you have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

great post!

S Bee said...

I like your blog.. it's very Fresh :)