Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recovering From a Crash

I was up early this morning (for a Saturday). To say the least - this weekend was slightly depressing for me. When most people would rather stay in bed when hard times come - I find getting up is something I can control and makes me feel better. 

Alright fine - I'll confess what's really bothering me. I dropped my laptop *gasp* and Friday afternoon discovered the devastating news that I lost everything on my hard drive from that incident. 

Yep - I know. Should 'of backed-up. Thankful some of it was, but then - unfortunately, some of it wasn't.

Please don't rub it in. :/ Here's a fair warning to you, my dear blog readers! If it's important - ya need an extra copy. :) Hard drive crashes have a way of too closely resembling life crashes!!!!

I admit. Friday was a bad, bad day. I had tried target disk mode and a couple of other things first to see if I could get my data back before sending it off to the professionals. {FYI - if you ever experience a hard drive crash (God forbid!) DriveSavers is the way to go. They didn't charge me a cent and covered shipping. You only pay for successful recoveries!} 

So, there goes idea after idea . . . down the drain. I'm an avid notetaker - in the modern form so a ton of those "bright ideas" were stored on my laptop. Just thinking of the business info / life goals / journal entries lost makes me want to blank-et, blank, blank! 

But, ok - what is there to learn from this?

#1 - if it's important, back it up.

#2 - everything's for a reason, even when i don't understand.

#3 - it's ok to cry, really. (i've always thought people who cried were just whimps but i'm learning that it's best to express your feelings and then move on and be done with it versus just stuffing it inside under the label of "I'm tough".) 

#4 - even though i'm most upset about loosing journal entries from tough times experienced with my mom's health - i'm trying to look at this as a good thing. God doesn't want me to look back and dwell on the hardships. He has a bright future in store for me (for all of His children!) so I'm taking this event as a sign that says, "Don't look back. Walk the talk." 

#5 - business plans (ouch - a yrs worth of data!) lost only means i'm more determined than ever to go after my dreams. Do you ever have those moments of frustration that give you 10x the results of the "easy times"? 

None of us like losses but if sure does make us grateful for the gains! Right?!

Let's end on a bright note! "There's more to be found than can EVER be found!" Don't you just LOVE this thought?! Go dig for your treasure. Wherever you are. Whatever that looks like. :) 


Andrea V. said...

So sorry to hear about your hard drive! Glad to see you're handling it with a positive attitude - very admirable! I agree, sometimes life throws obstacles in our way because it knows we'll only push ourselves harder yielding a far greater reward and the journey to get there much more worthwhile. =)

Anonymous said...

Great Read TNX

Carla Cee said...

Love your positive attitude babe! you take care!

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Nicola Kirsty said...

Anyone that ends a post with 'Circle of Life' is somone I could get along with.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your hard drive. I've been meaning to back mine up for AGES and you have just convinced me that I need to do it asap. There's too much I really don't want to lose.

I think you're dealing with it all admirably though. Sometimes I think giving yourself time to cry makes it so much easier to then get on with things.

SH said...

Oh that is terrible! Hope everything works out!

The Hartungs Blog

Ami @ a champagne dream said...

I'm a new follower so I thought I'd say hi. I love how positive you are!

xo Ami
a champagne dream

Katherine said...

You guys are all so sweet and encouraging- thanks for holding me up! This has been HARD to say the least . . .