Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Early Morning Run

Good evening, dear blog readers! I hope you are having a fabulous ending to this fabulous day!!! My day started earlier than usual, but it was a nice shake up to the ole routine.

My dad and I had a business meeting in Apex, NC this morning which is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from our house. So I crawled out of my comfy bed at 4:50 am (!) to squeeze in my run for the day before we had to leave to beat the rush-hour traffic. It was worth the lack of sleep because it lighted me up and really got my blood pumping, plus I knew I wouldn't want to do it once I got home after a long day's work...

I ran a total of 4.67 miles and then called it quits, headed for the shower, made myself a quick green smoothie and was ready to walk out the door after hair and make-up!

Here's my attempt to be quiet with the blender in the wee hours of the morning. he! I made my smoothie in the dining room in hopes not to wake anyone with it's roaring engine :P It's really not that loud, but when the house is completely quiet and people are sleeping... well, let's just say it's best not to mess with people trying to get some shut-eye :)))

The day went well and I learned a lot! How was your day? Did you learn anything? That's life- full of ways to improve :)

Sleep well and pleasant dreams...

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