Sunday, April 1, 2012

Green Goodness

So folks, I hope your Sunday has been a restful one! It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny with white fluffy clouds offset by a blue sky.

The sermon at church today was convicting, as usual. We are almost finished with a study on Genesis! Diving into this book has greatly expanded my understanding of the covenant and God's redemptive plan for His people.

I drank my green smoothie this evening. It was delicious! A delightful way to end the day :)

{My green goodness for the day}

So we made it to the end, it's Day 7 of 7 for the Green Smoothie Challenge! Congrats to all of you for giving it a go and a big thank-you to Jen for making this possible! Here's a collage I made with some of the pictures from the week.

I've enjoyed all of my green smoothies so much that I'm planning to continue making it a daily habit! I've loved doing this with all of you- thank you for participating! We would love to know how many actually completed the 7-Day Challenge, so please either leave a comment on mine or Jen's blog just for fun!

It's a big week coming up!


Unknown said...

I have absolutely loved the green smoothie challenge as well. I had one for breakfast every day and truly felt like they gave me a ton of energy and kept me satisfied for hours. I plan to keep it going!

Unknown said...

This is something I definitely need to try! I love your blog and that is why I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Keep up the great work!

Katherine said...

Thanks so much! This is exciting!!!

Katherine said...

Hi Lauren! I am so excited to hear that you loved the green smoothie challenge! I did too :) It was great doing it with others who have the same goals!

Michelle @ said...

OO I need to try one of these!!! Thanks for following my blog!