Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Dare to Dream

Life is a dare. A dare to dream. What are you dreaming about???? :-)

"The journey that you're on has just begun. 

Be the best at what you were made to be. 

If you can dare to dream to you can do anything!  

There are no limitations to what to you can do except for what you think you know is not true." 

Ok, so maybe I'm an Elizabeth South-aholic at the moment, but her songs are so faith packed and totally awesome!!!

"You simply got to renew your mind!" To what? The Word of God!!! 

"Don't give up!" 

Go. fight. for your. dreams. :) 

Love the LORD your God with ALL your heart, mind, 
soul and strength and then go do what you want!!!!!!!!!!!


Z@KickingKilos said...

I love your post!!!! Great job, honestly!

Katherine said...

Aww, thanks Zainab! My sister and I are in the process of starting a business so that last song really hits home for me!

Dash Interiors said...

What a wonderful post that is what blogging is all about is inspiring others, sharing special messages, just making the world we live in a better place.
Thank you for sharing this!

Katie said...

Inspiring and beautiful post! Perfect for MIMM! Thanks for linking up!

Diana said...

It's great to read of your faith and love for God! We need to be the light in all this darkness going on these days!