Monday, January 14, 2013

Positive Thinking =)

Good morning, blogging friends!

With the New Year up and running I think it has all of us motivated and excited to see where we will go in 2013!  It's almost January 15th and statistics show that most people have given up or broken their "resolutions" by this date. How are your's coming? 

I have lots of things that I'm excited about and working towards for this year. :) Hint, hint - look for an announce on this blog in the next couple of of months! I just feel like I need to get a grip and a little further down the road before I share. :) Plus, my business partner (who happens to be my amazingly talented sister Kristen!) and I have a pact - lips are sealed for a bit. So don't feel left out - ha-ha! This deep, dark secret will not be withheld forever. :P 

I'll let you in on a few things, though. Here are a couple things I'm focusing on for 2013- all having to do with mindset: 

This is a shot from my "vision board". I have it hung up in a prominent place so I can see it multiple times daily and I just love it! I don't know about you but those potentially "great" ideas get lost if I don't write them down!  What is it? "Write the vision, make it plain on paper" -Habakkuk 2:2

So, here they are:

#1 - believe. i need to focus more on believing the promises of God and telling myself the truth in my thought life! 

#2 - forgive. it's all about letting go of the past and reaching toward the future. You can't live today if you're still on yesterday, right? 

#3 - look up. in all honesty, this moment is all we have. I want to release, be present, fully engaged and open my arms towards heaven with gratitude for this very second. 

#4 - raise my standards. this relates back to #1. :) it's incredible for me to think that i am valuable simply because I am loved by the most valuable Being that exists. my actions or the results of my actions don't define my worth - the blood of Jesus Christ does and THAT'S why i'm called to a high standard. praise God for grace! 

What are your thoughts on positive thinking? 

In a real sense - we choose our state. 

I'm becoming more consciously aware of how what I think about is what I feel about and it's interesting to watch what that brings about. A lot of results in life are totally predictable just by examining our thought life!

Just take a look at your thoughts for a moment. Have you ever felt depressed? Sure, we've all experienced some form of what that word means. What were you thinking in that moment? Super happy and getting a lot done? Think about your thoughts-I bet they're polar opposites compared to moments of frustration!  

Let's relate it back to health: 

For example, let's say one of your New Years' resolutions is to eat less sugar. :) You can look at passing up weekday desserts or white bread in one of 2 ways:

A. "I feel deprived", OR 

B. "I love making healthy choices! Eating healthy gives me the energy to pursue the purpose and passions I was born to fulfill!!!" 

Do you see the difference? On the one hand you're convincing yourself that you're missing out on something. On the other - you're embracing an energetic spirit, a mindset that makes you feel like a winner and ultimately - allows you to embrace the future and reach your goal! 

You're also waaaay more likely to stick to your commitment of making healthy choices if you choose to think the thoughts of the 2nd example vs. the 1st. :) Same circumstance - two different ways of looking at it. This doesn't just go for food - it's all areas of life! 

Let me know your thoughts! I'm ready for 'em and want to hear. :-) Sunshine and I hope you have a fantastic start to your week! 

~ Katherine 

PS: Here's a link to a great article from a fellow blogger on How to Change Your Habits. Check it out! 


Sally said...

I love #3 "look up" It's really what we all need to do!
Don't forget Let's Be Friends on my blog today ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking. It is all about your state of mind. The universe feeds off your energy so you might as well try and stay positive!

Sarah said...

LOVE this post!!! So inspiring!! :D

Addy said...

Katherine, you are awesome! I love your resolutions, especially #1. I struggle with this too!

Epic Europe said...

Thanks, guys! You all make it awesome. :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Katherine! I wanted to brag for a sec cuz I'm so proud and I figured you might appreciate this too. I ran a 5k on Saturday in 34:25, a personal best time. I'm working on speed before I consider longer races. Who knows, I may try a half marathon sometime. :) Esther Norine Designs

Katherine said...

Wow, Esther - I am so proud of you! Thanks for sharing. :-) Isn't it such an awesome feeling to beat a personal best?! Way to, go!

Courtney said...

I love your blog!! It is so inspiring!! I'm excited to follow your journey!!

Chelsea Olivia said...

I like that you made yours "one word" resolutions. It makes it a lot easier to focus on! I kinda forget mine already. One was to revamp my blog and I've done it..well, am DOING it, so I'm sticking to that for sure! I have been making semi-conscious eating choices as well which is sort of an effort on keeping that one..haha!

Olive & Ivy

Diana said...

Found your blog through another's~ this is a great post!

I gave my life to God about 6 months ago (after a 20 yr hiatus) and from that moment on I've been set free.

Blessings to you!

Unknown said...

Nice post Katherine

The whole Dream board idea is extremely powerful and has worked for me. The idea was given to my by a friend called Glen Harrold who is a very well respected hypnotherapist.

Nice to read your blog and keep up the positive thinking

All the best


Kates @ You Betcha Baby said...

I agree 100%! Our attitudes strongly influence how we feel! Thanks for linking up!