Thursday, May 31, 2012

Light & Fresh

The past couple of days I'm grateful to say I haven't craved much of anything that's really bad for me :) Nope, light and fresh is what I'm loving! 

For lunch today I made cucumber sandwiches. Because the weather was warm, I think they were a big hit and everyone loved them! My recipe? Your favorite salad dressing or mayo on whole grain bread layered with thinly sliced fresh cucumbers. Remember to be sure and slice your cucumbers very thin-- no one wants to bite into a huge cucumber that makes the whole sandwich fall apart! Small and delicate is much more appealing. You can still pile it high, though! :P 

We're trying a new hummus around here... the cayenne pepper version! It's different and I like it for a change. 

Before breakfast, I did The FIRM's Accelerate Cardio workout and a few other things. My total workout time hit around 50 minutes, add stretching in there and it timed just over an hour. 

While skimming the headlines this morning before my workout, I ran across this article on sugar. What do you think? Should the government have a say in how much we can eat or drink or this a personal issue, one of self-discipline that they shouldn't touch? Interested to hear your thoughts!

I've been thinking a lot about time and it's value, particularly concerning exercise. I know you've thought about this, we all have: Is it really worth it to spend an hour of my day just working out? Considering that most of us don't lead an active lifestyles and a large part of the day is spent sitting behind a desk, I think you'd agree with me that an empathic "YES"! is in order. Now, there are phases of life where we honestly can't give as much attention to this part of our lives for way too many reasons to list at the moment, but physical exercise is important. It doesn't have to be in the gym or doing a workout DVD. It can be playing basketball with your kids or friends in the backyard, throwing the Frisbee with your dog (make sure YOU move, though), or running with a friend to build relational capital. I guess my point in bringing this up is, physical fitness shouldn't be self-consuming or self-focused. In a very real sense, it's not about us- it's about being a good steward and taking care of ourselves so that we can reach out and take care of others. Just some thoughts... Let me know what you think! 


Claris Leigh, RDN, LDN said...

yum! that sandwich looks great!

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Those sandwiches look so yummy and refreshing!! Ive been on a health kick the past few days and was craving all things good for me! I had to come home though because of a family emergency and theres no healthy food around here :/

Unknown said...

I love cucumber sandwiches!!

Anonymous said...

I think physical activity is super important - not just for maintaining weight, but also for mental clarity and an overall feeling of health.