Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Lunch Recipe + Local Produce (my favorite!)

I love healthy lunches! To make this light little lunch, you will need: whole wheat bread (I used Great Harvest from our local bakery), homemade lunch meat (chicken), a few leaves of fresh lettuce, mayo, avocado and hot sauce. Lay out your bread, slather on your mayo and mix in a thin slice of avocado with a shake of hot sauce. Add your chicken and lettuce and serve with your favorite seasonal fruit! 

The local produce is in full swing and it only gets better as the season progresses! We pay a good friend who loves to garden $25 a week in exchange for a boatload of weekly freshness. Wednesday is delivery day so yesterday I was very happy! My 7yr brother started snacking on things before we could even get them out of the bag. You would have thought it was candy the way he wanted it! I'm so grateful he's starting out with this as his base. If good food choices are his normal than he'll be a whole lot better off. Big sisters and other role models out there-- it starts with us! 

Look at those fresh carrot tops! The tops are the most nutritious part of the vegetable because they contain most of the nutrients, whereas the roots are more sweet (which we typically prefer!) because they contain more water and sugar. If you can, try and find ways to use the whole vegetable :) 

Washing straight-out-of-the-garden produce can be a lot of work, but it's a fun, relational thing as well. Purchasing a salad spinner will greatly benefit you. The time invested is worth it!

Okay, so I ran 5 miles this morning- amazing. Learning to love those long distances (well.. at least it's long for me). I'm trying to maximize my time by listening to thought provoking lectures or listening to some uplifting music while I run. It's fun to time those fast-upbeat songs for when I know I'm going to need the extra motivation :) And now, I'm getting ready to go biking and soak up some sunshine. It's a great day to be alive!


Katie @ Lady Like said...

Everything looks so incredibly fresh. I have a terrible diet so this is motivation for me!

Your blog is really cute. If you get a chance, check mine out! I'm a new blogger and could use some more fans/followers! :))

Miss Katie K

Cassandra said...

This all looks delicious! I wish I was a better runner... such good exercise. I don't know if I'll ever get to 5 miles. I've had knee problems in the past and don't know if it will ever be in the cards for me. Beautiful photos :)

city said...

thanks for sharing.