Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Good morning, blog readers! I hope every one's week is off to a wonderful start :) Yesterday I woke up bright and early to work out and begin the day aright in God's Word and prayer. I did squats and lunges and than stretched for a while. Than as I was tight on time, I gunned it on the treadmill for 5 min. I so wanted to quit as I was going at a pretty fast clip, but you can do anything for 5 minutes, right?   


Part of the reason I was so crunched for time (other than not getting up earlier) was I had a new course I'm taking starting at 8am lasting until 11. It has me completely pumped and so excited! It looks like it's going to be challenging which is partly why I'm thrilled :-) I both need and want to be stretched. I like how my brain feels after (not always during) a tough mental workout. It's important that we exercise our minds as well as our bodies :) 

For dessert Sunday night we had this heavenly strawberry pie. Not your typical, but in my opinion, it's 10x better than the traditional as it's completely raw and good for you! Can you believe it?! 

{Raw strawberry pie topped with coconut chocolate}

This morning I ran 2 miles before breakfast. Yesterday afternoon I went bike riding instead of running because it was something fun and physical I could do while giving my hip a break :P

When I got off the treadmill this morning, I had the biggest surprise... I could barely walk. Something was definitely wrong with the muscle to the outside of my left knee. My sweetie of a little brother helped me to the couch and got me an ice pack. I iced it for a the longest time to reduce swelling and that really seemed to help. It was a strange, scary experience! It didn't hurt while I was running and than once I stopped- BAM! Ouch. Phew, that didn't feel good and hopefully it won't happen again!

{Basil peppered eggs with sprouted grain bread}

This morning's breakfast was really good! Seasoned eggs with a sprouted slice of bread and hemp seed butter. I'm taking a sabbatical from green smoothies because we out of so many ingredients at the moment, but not for long :) It was nice to enjoy some diversity. The day's begun and there's lots to do! Better hop too!!!

So how about you? What have your meals look like of late? Have you been exercising both your mind and your body?

PS: For all of you North Carolinians, go and vote for the Marriage Amendment. This isn't about personal opinion, it's about right or wrong. Everyone has a standard the question is, what's your standard? I pray it's God's Word. 


RunningJunkie said...

What sort of hip problems do you have? I've been a runner for a couple years and my hips are my main problem area.

Unknown said...

May I please have the recipe to that strawberry pie?