Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome Friday!

So folks, I am greatly enjoying the beautiful bounty from our produce order this past Wednesday! I've used it to make several yummy smoothies and salads! All the leaves and vegetables are so beautiful, too pretty to eat :) 

If you haven't experienced anything fresh of late, I encourage you to go down to your local farmer's market this Saturday (most towns have them) and buy yourself a few garden fresh leaves. Your body will thank you for it later :) Sometimes, just getting out there and seeing the endless opportunities is enough to motivate and inspire you. 

This was from last night's supper. The salad was topped with pecans, dried cranberries, and as I'm a cheese girl I was super excited to add some feta cheese (strong, phew!) to the mix.

My little sister is graduating high school May11th so lots of fun party planning and home spiffing is going on. Speaking of Mary, here is a picture from a recent photo shoot we did together:

This girl is so drop dead-gorgeous, it's impossible to take a bad photo of her!  Sure do love this little sweet pea :) And, just judging by the past, I'm excited to see the difference she will make in the world  with her diligent work ethic, caring personality, and wild imagination. Watch out world!

I didn't prepare very well for today's lunch, so I hurriedly grabbed this chocolate Builder's bar that had been laying around forever and this lonely little orange that was just begging to be eaten :)

I didn't get to workout before leaving the house for work today, but I'm thinking I'll go bike riding (yesterday was so much fun!) and lift a few weights when I get home. Have a fantastic, full-filled weekend, everyone!


Rachel said...

Happy Friday! I am so ready to get off of my college campus and eat fresh food, cook, and just eat more clean!

Katherine said...

That's great, Rae! Keep me posted on what you dish up :)