Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Week

Happy Monday! It's 6 am and I am ready to hit it. :) Feeling slightly overwhelming with some projects I'm tackling . . . but, also invigorated. 

Sunday lunch my sibs (and mom) fixed my dad a huuuge feast. He's the best- and words can never adequately express how much I love my pappa. Did you get to spend time with your dad for Father's Day? 

Saturday night I went for sushi (well . . . kinda) with friends. I was all for giving this a go (I love smoked salmon so I thought this would be awesome) but i chickened out and went with "cooked sushi". Still yum, absolutely delicious and cautiously safe. :p 

Have you had sushi? What do you think about this cuisine? 

South Carolina peaches. Yes, peoples- succulent fresh fruit season is here! Thank you Kirby and Marilyn for dropping by. Love you guys! 

I love fun little sayings . . . enjoy these! If you have a favorite- share in the comments below. :) 

Hope you R having a WONDERFUL start to the week. =) 


Pree said...

Mmmmm that food looked good! I love sushi. I like trying other ppl's non cooked sushi and usually stick with my cooked one. But I'm not afraid to try like I use to be.

Katherine said...

Thanks, girlie! Maybe one day i'll get up some courage . . . :p

Anonymous said...

Mmm peaches! Looks like a fun day!

Lacy Geary said...

Found your blog and am excited to follow. Was happy to see those beautiful SC peaches. I live in SC and my favorite use for peaches is in cobbler. I'm a sucker for dessert! Training for the Xterra Harbison trail run so I'm sadly trying to limit my consumption of sweets. Any suggestions on training for a trail run?

Lacy Geary said...
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Goal of Losing said...

I love sushi! Thanks for reminding me; I'll have to get some, soon!

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

You have Mac's Pride! I don't live too far from there. We love our SC peaches!