Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wk/end Happenings

I love my life. :) Not to say there are not challenges at times but I really am so blessed. 

People, relationships, resources, dreams and possessing a curiosity that can really get me into trouble at times- it's all a gift, and we all these in some form or another. 

The above pictures are from a Spring Sing event this evening singing with my sisters. =) If you haven't already be sure to check out Mary's voice page- I think it will bless you in a special way. 

My wk/end held quite a bit of fun. :p Friday night cook-out with friends, diving held long into a book that one of my friends wrote (yes! I know an author . . . . aaah! AMAZING job Bekah!). Actually you can check out her book here- it's in Barnes and Nobles! 

Confession time . . . granola and Greek yogurt have been my go-to breakfast choices of late. :) Works in a pinch!  Been trying out a a new flavor I got on sale at Whole Foods the other day

And, with that I'd better scoot! I want to get outside and experience this beautiful time of day before hitting the sack. 

Goals for the week (other than being totally pumped about work)? Go to bed earlier and get sleep! Never thought I'd be saying this . . . hehe! 

Here's to a great start to your wk, girlies and guys! Comment and tell me what you did since Friday night and what your goals are for this week. =) 


Carly said...

love the pictures that show the community you have. I love Greek yogurt with blueberries since they are in season around here.

Unknown said...

great pictures, looks like you had a blast. I went to a baby shower and spent the afternoon catching up with a friend, then spent Sunday painting and doing house projects. Have a great week!