Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fresh Friday

Happy Friday, peoples! The fun's here - it's link-up time. =) What top 3 events made your FRESH & FANTASTIC?

Here are mine. :)

#1 - new book! The Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas

#2 - kale, eggs and water - yes! it's an awesome 3-some. :)

#3 - committing goals to paper. yes- I admit . . . i might be slightly addicted to this activity! but hey- they say your chances of succeeding go up if you write them down (and remembering them, of course!)

- - - - -

Linking up at H54F over at From My Gray Desk, too!

Have a great wk/end everyone! See you Monday morning. :)

Hint, hint - - Spartan race bib giveaway coming up on Monday! 

1 comment:

Sally said...

Kale, eggs and watermelon sound good to me! I am always up for trying unconventional combos :)
Have a great weekend,