Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fresh Friday {Face Your Fears!}

Fridays are my favorite. :) And this Friday I have a ton to look forward to before Monday comes around again! There's dinner with friends tonight and then a graduation on Saturday (which I hope I'll make but it's out of town so we'll see).

What are you doing this Saturday and Sunday?

And, of course! What are your top 3 FRESH and FANTASTIC happenings from the week?!

Here are mine. :)

#1 - gorgeous spring weather and sweaty workouts :)
#2 - Kris and Sam . . . enough said. :p
#3 - chicken and wild rice (perfect rainy evening dinner!)


Thought I'd share a podcast today versus a music video. :) Love this! Let me know what ya think! 


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I hope you make to the graduation! I'm checking out the podcast next! Have a great weekend :)

Pree said...

Well that podcast just added to my list of making my week fresh and fantastic! Definitely something I needed to hear!! I will be going to miami this weekend. Just a quick overnight trip. Hope you have a good weekend!!

Sally said...

I LOVE outdoor workouts!
Have a fun weekend!
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