Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food, Fun, Fights & Fitness

I know, I know . . .  I have been sorely lacking with workout reports here on this blog. But, I'm happy to say I have been working out consistently- it's just the letting you know part that stinks. :P

Last night I did a short 20 minute burst type workout which felt amaaaazing! My tush is currently sore as I sit here writing this post. hehe!

I've just decided . . .  and finally told myself that this is something I'm going to do for the rest of my life (yes- I plan on swimming and going to yoga at age 90) so I might as well love it. =) No feeling sorry for myself that I "have to work out". Nope! I "get to workout" and it's a gift!!! How do you feel about this?

Yesterday was a slightly stressful experience in more ways than one. If you're ever in a relationship conflict, let me remind you- your worth and value is NOT based on what other people think or say of you. Also, some times the best thing you can do in a delicate situation is just shut up. :p Keep in mind that no one can make you feel inferior but yourself. It's all back to believing the truth about who God says you are. :)

Thankfully everything is resolved now but I admit it was rocky there for a bit . . .

I got home later than usually last night and wasn't too hungry . . . a plate of roasted veggies w/ hummus and red onion slices fit the frig and the taste buds. :)

And, yes- this is one of my most "favorite-tess" places on earth. :) Thanks Kamina and Liz for being such good friends! 

How is your week coming so far? :)

What is your response to less-than-perfect relationship situations?

Do you love coffee and books, too?!


kesadler said...

I totally feel ya girl with the relationship thing and not finding your worth based on your bf's approval or desire or lack of desire for you. Every day I am getting up and trying to think about myself through God's eyes and just remember that he loves me more than anyone in the world because he made me! That makes all my relationship problems seem to not be such a big deal any more and I can find my worth in that truth and it like lights up my life and sets me free!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love how open you are and that you talked about that on here. It makes me feel like I"m not alone in my struggles :)

Unknown said...

Working out should always be something you are looking forward to do. Something fun, you enjoy and don´t feel forced to do. If I would aonly go, cuz someone tells me to, I´d probably hate it so much and ver wanna go again.
It´s about choosing the right sport for you, so you want to do it till you´re 90!

Joi Williams said...

Thanks for joining my blog, and for commenting on a post! I'm sorry I didn't have my e-mail information listed, but it is now listed under my "About Me" section! I'm not sure exactly what your product is, etc... I pretty much do my own thing from home :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

hugs to you friend! Love your perspective. I just read a quote today that I fell in love with, it said... sometimes being right is not as good as just keeping the peace. I needed that gentle reminder, we could all use it! Annnnnd, working out until the age of 90, you go girl! I love that too!!

Mrs Swan said...

I love the froo froo full of sugar coffee drinks from Starbucks but I am avoiding them right now. I haven't had one all year as a matter of fact. :)

mangiawithmario said...

Hi Katherine. I am a first time visitor. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing about the relationship challenge you had. So real. Being in the business of people, I affirm that relationships are work. Like running, they require consistency and practice and commitment. I also run, though I think I do food more regularly than I do my running. Great job on the writing.
I also write a blog about food, but with my reflections on the relationships of life. Love, family, friends. Please stop by and visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.

6 Pack Momma said...

When it comes to less than perfect relationships I really try and step back & see it from the eyes of God. Oh, trust me, my brain and sin-filled self wants to take over and try & convince me of many ridiculous lies. It's a constant battle that must be fought over and over. I also try and give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Unless they've proved otherwise I always give the benefit that their less than ideal actions were not meant to be a personal attack on me. I admit though it often feels like it. That goes back to point 1. Anyway, yes, I agree sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut.

Unknown said...

One of my favorite places too!