About Me

normal girl.


dream chaser.




nutrition seeker.

photography dabbler.

consumer of chocolate.

friendship finder.

wanna-be music maker.

lover of life.

believer in you.

bella la vita,
katherine :) 


Have a question for me? Is there a product you'd like me to recommend or a topic you want me to post on? Shoot me an e-mail! 

I also host giveaways for reputable companies and write honest reviews by request. 

Contact: realfoodrunner@gmail.com


Design Eat Repeat said...

Just found your blog and am so excited to follow! I am training for a half marathon so I'm glad to have found another runner! I come from a big family too (4 brothers & a sister) so we can definitely relate! We are destined to be blog friends. Haha.

Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm interested to watch your training process-- that is so awesome!!!

Rachel said...

I'm so excited that I found your blog! I am a new follower...AND new to running :) I'm excited to read your blog and receive advice and keep up with your running! Can't wait to read more :)

Katherine said...

Thanks, Rachel! Your blog is super cute too :0)

Will Cooper said...

got your comment on my UTMB post. thanks for following and I look forward to hearing all about your running journey!

firefoodie said...

Love your blog concept and thanks for following my blog. I went for my first run in ages today, well, summer is on its way! Anthony. :)

6 Pack Momma said...

It didn't take long to subscribe to this blog! I love your testimony, what a blessing to hear! Even though I'm a far cry from truly acheiving it I'm striving to put real food into my diet. So glad I found you & this blog : )

Megs said...

Gorgeous picture!

Sarah said...

Hi Katherine, this is beautiful what you have written. I noticed this morning that you are my latest follower over at my blog and I'm curious to know how you found my blog! I love working out and I am currently studying for my fitness 3 and 4 which will qualify me to be a personal trainer. I don't know where it will lead but my heavenly Father does, so in the mean time I am really enjoying studying. It's great to connect with you mate! Love Sarah xxx

Peter Block said...

hey, i am your new follower. love the farm girl. pioneer woman has done pretty good with it too. happy blogging!

Tisa Jacob said...

Your space is inspiration. I came upon it when searching for another blog, glad I did! I nominated you for an award on my space, do check it out.

The Church Cook said...

Thanks for your visit, Katherine! Your parents did well by teaching you all hard working and importance of relationship with God and people. Looking forward to getting to know you better via your blog. :)

Melanie Eccles said...

I am really enjoying your blog and so glad you commented on my running post. Happy to meet you! Keep up the healthy eating and dedicated running.


Peter Block said...

thx for the comment on the hash brown crisps. keep blogging! enjoy your blog!

Chantal said...

Nice blog!! Thanks or stopping by :-)



Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I am SO happy I did. I too am a runner and love to cook healthy foods. My husband and I are organic farmers so we love our veggies! So happy you have lots of veggies on this site!

Unknown said...

Hey. Just found you! Look forward to reading. I am from NC too!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I assume you found it via another blog, because I'm not searchable. I'm going to try the Almond milk, chocolate shake! I think I need substitutes!

Unknown said...

Hi there!

I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me please? Thanks!!

Melanie : )

Unknown said...

I just found you and I'm glad I did. We share some of the same passions. I love to run, almost as much as I love to eat :).