Sunday, June 30, 2013

Needing Advice: When It Just Isn't You Anymore

Ok, folks- I need advice! Like, ah . . . RIGHT NOW! ! !

I was scrolling back through some of my very first posts just now and even though I know it was a year ago- I cringed, told myself it was ok and then cringed some more.

Not to discourage you if you're just laying the foundation on your own blog (we all have to start somewhere!), but I feel like ripping out mine!

What should I do? 

A. Delete everything.

B. Tie my hands behind my back so I can't reach the delete button.


C. Deep breath- it's ok. Someone, somewhere will appreciate and learn from my ramblings. ;p

You decide! Let me know . . . =) 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fresh Friday Link-Up

I never thought I'd be one of these people saying this:

{flashbacks from age 10 when adults were always complaining about life's pace. lol!}, but here I am . . .
Wow, I can't believe it's Friday!!! 

The weeks are passing by at an alarming rate. Must be the sign of a good time at the job of life. :p What's your thought? :)

Here are mine Fresh Friday points from the wk!

#1 - shopping with the sista

#2 - my first try at Indian food = I''m hooked!

#3 - expanding my horizons - yes, a large part of my future is held within this little box. :p more to come on this . . . =)

This wk/end holds for me - watching some rough and rowdy boys (ie: my own bros . . . it's all good, though :p), a bridal shower for a childhood friend (would you believe it?! we actually did manage to grow up!), a funeral and festive July 4th-ness.

Hope you have a fabulous, FRESH and FANTASTIC wk/end, folks! Leave a comment and tell me all about it!!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Tips for Growing Your Blog

Plan your posts. :) I learned this tip from Emily! Planning captivating content versus flying by the seat of your pants allows you to systematically grow your blog---  saving you from the "whatever pops into my head" syndrome, usually called a brain cramp. :p 

Planning posts was a lifesaver for me with the last green smoothie challenge

Having a vision for your blog ties into "planning your posts". :) What's your goal for your blog? To create an outlet for yourself? Have fun? Inspire others? 

Write it down! 

Keep it short and sweet. :) Contrary to popular belief- simple is usually best. This is something that took me forever to learn! Pick a topic for a post and (mainly) stick to that original thought. :)

Probably most importantly, you need to know your audience!

Who are you trying to reach? Is it other people your own age? DIY-ers, moms, singles, married, fit or unfit - be specific.

When you know who you're trying to connect with, Steps 1 & 2, and creating captivating content that grows your blog will practically happen on it's own. :-)

Feel free to leave your tips in the comments below and let me know what you think of mine!

*Photos courtesy of C Fisher Photography

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grass Fed Beef

Are you a meat eater? 

Until recently I was pretty much an exclusive herbivore. :p Now I'm a herbivore turned carnivore. {Waah- that sounds craaazy to say!} 

I still eat lots of high quality fresh foods but after an almost 2 year meat break (just here and there) I'm trying to be more balanced, for me. 

Of late- it's becoming more obvious to me that no one diet is right for everyone! You really have to figure out what works for you and- listen to your body. (Check out the 90/10 diet to learn more.)

I did the raw thing for a while and my nails started breaking and although I felt amazing in some respects, overall my body was not happy. 

So, what that- I'm trying to add occasional, high quality meat sources back into my diet. =)

I'd love to hear what your opinion is on meat? Do you eat it or not? Why? :-) 

And, as a workout update- yesterday I hit it with weights and some cardio! Planning on heading out for a run this evening. Are you working out this week? 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Drumroll, please . . . Spartan Race Bib Giveaway!

I was recently contacted by Spartan Race and asked if I would be interested in hosting a race bib giveaway here on the blog. :) Of course! I'm so excited and honored to be selected and present you all with this opportunity to win a free race bib! ! !

Check it out. :)

I personally haven't done a Spartan Race yet but two of my bros have and coming from them "It was awesome!!!". 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post is sponsored by Spartan Race. In exchange for this post, Spartan Race has given me 1 free bib race for personal use. =)

See giveaway policies, here.

Winner will be select this Saturday (June 29th) ! ! ! Check back. =) 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Running in the Rain

Despite hot and humid running conditions this morning, I was determined to go and get out there! Just finished up a 5 miler . . . . haven't run that far in months and it felt AWESOME! 

I felt like it was a rather slow run today but at least it was a run! I was more aiming for distance versus time so I'm ok that it took me just over 51 minutes to complete. 

The no make-up, unedited version of me! 


Don't laugh . . . :p 

I'd love to hear what your workouts are looking like this wk/end. :) Comment and share! I read each and every comment and do my best to respond in a timely manner! 

And, don't forget-- giveaway surprise coming up on Monday!!! See you then. :) 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fresh Friday

Happy Friday, peoples! The fun's here - it's link-up time. =) What top 3 events made your FRESH & FANTASTIC?

Here are mine. :)

#1 - new book! The Power of Style by Bobbie Thomas

#2 - kale, eggs and water - yes! it's an awesome 3-some. :)

#3 - committing goals to paper. yes- I admit . . . i might be slightly addicted to this activity! but hey- they say your chances of succeeding go up if you write them down (and remembering them, of course!)

- - - - -

Linking up at H54F over at From My Gray Desk, too!

Have a great wk/end everyone! See you Monday morning. :)

Hint, hint - - Spartan race bib giveaway coming up on Monday! 

Light and Clean Summer Snacks

Anytime I can get my hands on a bowl full of colorfully crisp bell pepper slices with a mound of perfectly spiced bean hummus I feel so clean and refreshed. :)

It must be the hot and humid southern weather that is making me crave lighter things of late.

The frig is nearly bare, though, and I need to some suggestions for 'yummy for the tummy' summer snacks. :p

What are your FAVORITE light and clean summer snacks? I need suggestions! Not been spending as much time in the kitchen of late (but still trying to eat healthfully) and brain is at a lost for ideas . . . lol!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Future of Soda Sizes . . . Hang onto Ya Seat!

Ok- so I admit. :p This 1 min video clip is a slight exaggeration, but not much ! ! ! Did you know it takes 30 glasses of water to alkalize your body after a 12 oz soda?

Crazy, I know! 

How do you feel about sodas? (tastebuds aside :p) 

Do you go for your treats in the liquid form (soft drinks) or do you pass ? :) 

Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Week

Happy Monday! It's 6 am and I am ready to hit it. :) Feeling slightly overwhelming with some projects I'm tackling . . . but, also invigorated. 

Sunday lunch my sibs (and mom) fixed my dad a huuuge feast. He's the best- and words can never adequately express how much I love my pappa. Did you get to spend time with your dad for Father's Day? 

Saturday night I went for sushi (well . . . kinda) with friends. I was all for giving this a go (I love smoked salmon so I thought this would be awesome) but i chickened out and went with "cooked sushi". Still yum, absolutely delicious and cautiously safe. :p 

Have you had sushi? What do you think about this cuisine? 

South Carolina peaches. Yes, peoples- succulent fresh fruit season is here! Thank you Kirby and Marilyn for dropping by. Love you guys! 

I love fun little sayings . . . enjoy these! If you have a favorite- share in the comments below. :) 

Hope you R having a WONDERFUL start to the week. =) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fresh Friday

Happy Fresh Friday, everyone! I apologize for this post being rather late for the link-up . . . I was on the road without Internet access. :/

What top 3 made your wk FRESH & FANTASTIC?

Here are mine!

#1 - orange glazed cinnamon rolls (yes! i believe in life with sweets :)
#2 - hiking
#3 - being a kid at heart (gold mining with the 8 yr old bro = priceless)

NOTE: just got the news that my camera is out of the shop and ready to be picked up!!!! you guess it- I jumped so high I almost hit my head on cloud. I had 3 recipes to finish on my ebook when it broke. :/ so . . . . the publication is now on it's final leg!!! look for it. =) 

Have a GREAT Friday night! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rugged Mountain Hike

Surprise! I went hiking today on one of my favorite mountains . . .

. . .  with some of my favorite people. :) 

Ok- so considering that I'm terrified of heights I have no business climbing a mountain with 100 foot drop-offs, but I do love exhilaration. :p

Haha! my face . . . probably what I looked like most of the time!

The trail was wet, muddy and very slippery. 

Even though our thighs were cheering us on (i.e.: burning) we deciding to rest for a bit. 

Shimming under a huge rock. See the ladder to the left? There were tons of them!

Getting ready to go down another one. Isn't the view simply breath-taking?!

Don't look down!!! But, isn't it absolutely gorgeous! 

I feel so blessed. 

My God made these mountains and I get to climb all over them and praise His name for health and strength to do it. =)

So exhilarating!

Some serious drop-offs here. 

We made it! So fun, so hard and so worth it. =)

Soreness reports to come. lol!

Do you enjoy a good hike every once in a while? 

Which do you prefer- an good outdoor workout in the beauty of nature or going to the gym? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hot Yoga, Attempt 2

My 2nd try at hot yoga this evening! The room was at 102 F. Phew! I don't think I've sweat that much in my entire life. Seriously- I soaked my entire shirt . . . not that you wanted to know that (lol!) Totally worth it though and very rewarding!!! And, I think you should try it too :) 

Don't worry if you're not super flexible!  Yogi teachers are awesome and meet you where you are. We all have to start somewhere and there is no shame in being a beginner. 

I still feel like a complete baby myself in the world of stretching  / yoga, but I'm stomping my pride and reaching out. 

I admit- it's sooo easy to constantly compare yourself to that amazing girl who can do that incredible spilt with seemingly perfect ease and think "no fair!". In all reality, though- she worked for it and so can I ( and you!) if we're willing to show up and do what it takes. 

The question isn't, can you? But, will you?

There are so many poses that I can't wait to do but really just need to listen to my body (not pull anything!) and be consistent. :) Isn't that with everything ? ? ? 

Are you a "stretcher" or yogi?

Have you tried hot yoga before? 

If not, is yoga something you would consider getting into for the health benefits and just plain AMAZING feeling you get from a challenge :) 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lately . . .

Visiting a new church this morning. My sister Kristen . .  . well, let's just say I think she's AMAZING on the piano! You can watch a clip of the postlude, here. :)

Ooh, and that man singing? He's 85!!! and still has a super strong, super gorgeous voice! Very impressive. Hope I can be like that. :)

Friday night was end of week crash party with some good friends!

Anyone else a fan of ooey-gooey freshly baked cream cheese pound topped with a sugary scoop of sweet ice cream? 

Yes, and those are looking totally-from-scratch, homemade, light and fluffy, melt-in-your mouth, whole wheat croissants, too. Ally E. - I know this was a labor of love. Thank you!

Saturday? Not much . . .  worked out, did some laundry and that's pretty much it. :) How 'bout you?

My first try at Chiboni's blueberry flavored Greek yogurt. Yum, yum! I've been missing out sticking with the plain. :p I mean, there is a 12 sugar gram difference . . .  could that have anything to do with it?! lol!

And, this? Just a reminder- don't stop dreaming!!!! Pick something you love  (God gives specific desires to individuals for a reason!) and then do something every day that moves you closer toward that major goal! =)

New an exciting ventures on the horizons (for me too) ! Lots of times I feel as if I'm really vague with people (probably not good!), but seriously- I'm pumped about my life! His mercies are new every morning. :)

Fall in love with life! We only live once . . . let's make it count.

So, tell me -- what's something that you dream about (that you feel is impossible) but you know you can do it and it will make a difference in the world? ? ? =) 

Remember- don't be vague :p (I wanna know!). 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fresh Friday {Face Your Fears!}

Fridays are my favorite. :) And this Friday I have a ton to look forward to before Monday comes around again! There's dinner with friends tonight and then a graduation on Saturday (which I hope I'll make but it's out of town so we'll see).

What are you doing this Saturday and Sunday?

And, of course! What are your top 3 FRESH and FANTASTIC happenings from the week?!

Here are mine. :)

#1 - gorgeous spring weather and sweaty workouts :)
#2 - Kris and Sam . . . enough said. :p
#3 - chicken and wild rice (perfect rainy evening dinner!)


Thought I'd share a podcast today versus a music video. :) Love this! Let me know what ya think! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food, Fun, Fights & Fitness

I know, I know . . .  I have been sorely lacking with workout reports here on this blog. But, I'm happy to say I have been working out consistently- it's just the letting you know part that stinks. :P

Last night I did a short 20 minute burst type workout which felt amaaaazing! My tush is currently sore as I sit here writing this post. hehe!

I've just decided . . .  and finally told myself that this is something I'm going to do for the rest of my life (yes- I plan on swimming and going to yoga at age 90) so I might as well love it. =) No feeling sorry for myself that I "have to work out". Nope! I "get to workout" and it's a gift!!! How do you feel about this?

Yesterday was a slightly stressful experience in more ways than one. If you're ever in a relationship conflict, let me remind you- your worth and value is NOT based on what other people think or say of you. Also, some times the best thing you can do in a delicate situation is just shut up. :p Keep in mind that no one can make you feel inferior but yourself. It's all back to believing the truth about who God says you are. :)

Thankfully everything is resolved now but I admit it was rocky there for a bit . . .

I got home later than usually last night and wasn't too hungry . . . a plate of roasted veggies w/ hummus and red onion slices fit the frig and the taste buds. :)

And, yes- this is one of my most "favorite-tess" places on earth. :) Thanks Kamina and Liz for being such good friends! 

How is your week coming so far? :)

What is your response to less-than-perfect relationship situations?

Do you love coffee and books, too?!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wk/end Happenings

I love my life. :) Not to say there are not challenges at times but I really am so blessed. 

People, relationships, resources, dreams and possessing a curiosity that can really get me into trouble at times- it's all a gift, and we all these in some form or another. 

The above pictures are from a Spring Sing event this evening singing with my sisters. =) If you haven't already be sure to check out Mary's voice page- I think it will bless you in a special way. 

My wk/end held quite a bit of fun. :p Friday night cook-out with friends, diving held long into a book that one of my friends wrote (yes! I know an author . . . . aaah! AMAZING job Bekah!). Actually you can check out her book here- it's in Barnes and Nobles! 

Confession time . . . granola and Greek yogurt have been my go-to breakfast choices of late. :) Works in a pinch!  Been trying out a a new flavor I got on sale at Whole Foods the other day

And, with that I'd better scoot! I want to get outside and experience this beautiful time of day before hitting the sack. 

Goals for the week (other than being totally pumped about work)? Go to bed earlier and get sleep! Never thought I'd be saying this . . . hehe! 

Here's to a great start to your wk, girlies and guys! Comment and tell me what you did since Friday night and what your goals are for this week. =)