Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm in Winston-Salem! I love this city. :)

Last night, though- I was stuck in my hotel room working on a philosophy class. Finished up about 10pm last night . . . and headed to the workout room for a couple minutes of relief. Richard Dawkins I've had about enough of you!

Thankfully, I had a delicious Whole Foods dinner to wash everything down. :p

Today more adventures await! I will keep you posted. :)

Who's seen the John Lennox / Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" debate?

Who else loves a Whole Foods dinner?! =) 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Blog Transformation . . . =)

Going from this!

To . . . .


What do you think? :) 

Let me know if you like the new look!!!

Also,  use the comment section to share any tips you've found helpful for making your own blogs (or things you wish bloggers would do) more warm and inviting! 

Oh, and you'll also want to be sure and check out the sponsor section the sidebar! Some awesome blogs this month. =) 

Andrea from Berry Diaries

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Backyard Blueberry Smoothie

Yum, yum! I went blueberry picking this morning. This was the first time every I did not have fun picking. #1 - I was by myself :/, #2 - I ran into a giant snake skin #3 - buggy!

Other than than- it was an awesome experience. :p

Coming home and making a smoothie made it worth it, though!

Backyard Blueberry Smoothie
1 cup fresh blueberries
1 banana
3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
1 tablespoon superfood (ground flaxseed or hemp seeds)
1 cup ice (or more for thick and creamy)
for additional sweetness: add 1 - 2 tablespoons honey

Blend together fruit and milk with superfood until creamy. Add ice and blend. Pour into a glass. Sip and slurp it up!

Note: I added a few greens to mine, too. :) It's up to you!

This morning's workout was another body pump class with the most awesome instructor ever-- Manuela!!! {picture from Wednesday :) }

I've still yet to get the hang of barbell squats -- kind of hurts my back . . . think it has to do with my form so I've got to work on that. :p Any suggestions- throw 'em my way! 

Have a great rest of the wk/end!!! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's My B-Day ! ! !

And . . . I'm 22!

Whoop-whoop! Have to admit, I absolutely loved age 21- but have no doubt 22 will be even better!!! Of course, though- gotta say! Forever 21 at heart. :p

Gotta work today, but celebrating with friends later this wk. =)

What's been your favorite age (for your life) so far? :) 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My First Health Coaching Session!

Yay!!! I successfully held my first health coaching session this morning. :) And, it went super well! Surprisingly- I wasn't nearly as nervous as I expected myself to be. :p Helps to have amazingly great, extremely motivated, wonderful people to work with!

Learning how to create space for my clients so they can feel safe opening up, and how to listen + ask the right questions that open the door for healing versus just 'telling' someone 'the answer'. It's like- most of us know what to do, but just need support. Don't you agree? 

It's amazing how many of us really don't know how to navigate the world of nutrition, though! I guess it just makes me feel like I'm contributing to the world when I'm helping another person better their journey. :)

Do you have activities that you feel this way about? It can be anything as simple as opening the door for someone, or giving a random stranger the gift of a smile!

If you are interesting in health coaching for yourself (do you want to feel better and increase your energy?) or know of someone who could benefit from it- feel free to pass my name along. :) I'm totally up for helping you create positive change in your life!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple Kale Salad

Happy Monday to you! How about a nice refreshing kale salad to start off your busy week with some delicious nutrition? :)

Here's what you'll need!

4 cups curly kale, de-stemmed & torn into small pieces
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (w/ live cultures
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon unpasteurized honey
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1/4 cup chopped walnuts (or pecans), optional
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
pepper, to taste
chopped (super crispy) organic apple, optional 


Wash kale, de-stemmed and tear into desired bite size pieces. (You can save all the 'un-curly' kale for a smoothie :)

In as small mason jar, add together the apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, honey, Dijon mustard and salt. Vigorously shake until thoroughly mixed. Pour over chopped kale and toss together. Set in refrigerator and marinate for at least 30 minutes. 

Just before serving toss in chopped apple and walnuts.


There you have it! A seriously yummy way to get in your greens without forcing yourself!!! Even my dad loved it which is saying something . . . :p

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Creating a New Recipe!

I think you guys will love this one! Posting on Monday. :) A yummy, sneaky way to trick your tastebuds and get in your greens!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Get Back on Track When You've Fallen Off the Healthy Eating Train

Ok- so it happens . . . even to health nuts like me. :p Sometimes you get off the nutrition track and have to find your way back.

Does this ever happen to you? Or am I the only one?

Here are 3 simple tips!

#1 - Stop telling yourself it's all or nothing. {See the 90/10 rule here}

#2 - Love your life! and be sure you're getting fed by your primary sources.

#3 - Keep it in moderation. :)

And, as a BONUS - focus on fiber! This will help fill you up and most things with fiber are healthy for you.

There you have it! My top 3 tips for staying sane and keeping healthy food in it's place. Don't let it rule your life- that's not what it's about.

So, what's your recovery plan when you aren't getting as healthy as you would like to be eating and how do you get back on track? 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fresh Friday Link-Up

It's Fresh Friday

Here are mine top 3 from the week. :) What are your's? 

#1 - ocean air :)

#2 - dinner w/ good friends

#3 - being all American!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Homemade Heaven

I came home from work late last night and found this waiting on the counter homemade from one of my girlfriends! How sweet is it?!

Here's the link to the recipe! Enjoy. :) 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holden Beach, Part 1

I love the beach almost as much as I love the mountains. :) 

We left Friday morning for a quick (just over 24 hrs) turn around beach trip! 

Some awesome time with the girl cousins!

Us on a sunset boat ride. =) 

Me and my bro at this awesome store called Beach Mart. It has everything from clothes to mustard! 

Part 2 to come . . . 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Being a Beach Bum :p

Ocean view and salty sea air- I love you. :) 

Stay posted, dear blog readers! Deets and pictures to come!!! 

Do you love the beach, too? :p 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Thankful today for our founding fathers and definitely proud to be an American. =) 

More pics to come . . . 

And, remember- Fresh Friday is tomorrow so be sure and link-up!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping

Remind me never again to wait until the day before July 4th to go swimsuit shopping! There really isn't much left . . . all the small sizes are practically gone and recklessly picked through. :/

At least Allie was with me and we were able to laugh at all the hideous and ridiculous looking options . . . ok, sorry- I'll stop being cynical. :p In the end, we came home with some super cute on sale items! I love you Independence Day clearance racks. :)

What about you?

Swimsuit shopping- do you love it or hate it? What are you doing for America's b-day? :) 

After fireworks and hearing my sister sing for more than a projected 8,000 people tomorrow evening, I'm headed to the beach! Stay tuned for lazy bone and sand between toes reports. =)

Happy 4th!

Bridal Shower, Workouts, Pizza, Friends, Cake and More . . .

A rather late update from last wk, but here it is! 

This had to be one of the best, if not the best, chocolate cupcake with silky white frosting  . . .  ever! Really wishing you could reach into this picture and experience it right now. :)

Needless to say, the wk/end's food choices weren't the healthiest I've ever chosen. But- that's ok, right? . :) It's Monday now and I'm back on my usual kick! 

Saturday and Sunday held two trips out of town for a funeral which in part explains all the eating out. Funerals are never fun but they are a reminder of what's really important in life and that this earth is not our home! 

This is me and my little bro Saturday night. I'm 14 years older than him (wow!).  So is it possible to call me a "parensiter"? lol! 

Could eat him with a spoon- he's so sweet!

Pappy and the bros letting me snap capture all the handsome-ness in one frame after dinner. :p 

If I had had room there would not have been a morsel left on my plate. :p This was a huuuge slice of oozy, gooey, totally rich and divinely wicked chocolate cake. =) 

Fresh cream and a strawberry to boot! What's your favorite part- the cream, icing or the cake? 

We ate generously thick slices of pizza that were practically dripping with cheese and gourmet sauce. You know, the kind that 'tastes like Rome' (man, I want to go back!) Do you like gourmet cheesy pizza, too? 

I worked out on Saturday and then again today to kick the week off right!  How 'bout you? :)What did the wk/end hold for you, and - how are those workouts coming? 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Primary Foods - What They Are


Have you ever noticed that when things are going really well in life and you're experiencing that 'fulfilled feeling' you don't have as many cravings for 'bad foods'? It's because you are being fed by primary foods. :) 

{So, what is a primary food? I know, it sounded cray, cray to me too the first time I heard the term.}

Primary food is anything and everything in your life that you get fed from that doesn't have to do with food you eat through your mouth. :p This is your relationships, emotion, spirituality, your career (is it fulfilling or not?), etc. 

Take a moment and think about your primary foods sources. Where do you get "fed" outside of food? Are your family / friend relationships rocky or solid? What actions can you take to strengthen these relationships?

How about your belief system? Are you believing the truth about who God says you are? 

What brings you satisfaction and joy? 

Are you emotionally dependent on another person to tell you are you "pretty", "skinny", "beautiful", "successful"? It's nice to have someone in our life to tell us these things but we should not dependent on this to 'have a good day'. In other words, your day shouldn't crash bottom because someone forgot to compliment you, text you or something! I love what Marie Forleo says about this.... :) 

Just for an example, let's say you just had an argument with a loved one or close friend. {I know you never do this- it's just to prove the point. :p} Right about now- your boat has been rocked, the rug of emotional comfort and security is currently jerked out from under you and you are--- mad!!!! 

So, now what? 

What "food" source do you turn to? 


Did you know it's ok to hurt? I don't mean physically or emotionally to where it's damaging, but just living in this world we are going to experience pain and discomfort. 

So wish I could just wave a magic wand and make all of life's issues go away, but since we can't . . . 

We need to learn how to deal with this 'pain' or maybe 'discomfort' is a better word choice. Where do you turn for comfort


I find this helpful. :) Embrace the fact that no one is perfect and you won't be either. Let's run with this fact! The sooner we can grasp this the faster rebound time will be after something "goes wrong". :p

Listen to the "self talk" that's going on inside your brain pay attention to truth and throw out the lies. What are you hearing? 

" . . . Tomorrow I'm going on a sugar fast for the rest of my life so I'd better eat as much ice cream as possible tonight since it will be my last time." 

Really? I don't think so. 


Speak the truth to yourself- out of your mouth. This is one of the most effective success principles in the world! 

Just do it. :) 

In answer to the ice cream lie, you could say- "Life is full of wonderful experiences. I can eat ice cream another day, but tonight I don't want any. I am saying 'Yes!' to my health goals- right here, right now." 

I know- I felt absolutely ridiculous when I started doing this but I'm telling you- it works!!! 


Here's a tough one, but if you can reach out and grab this one you will be leaps and bounds ahead of most.

You are what you think. (Proverbs 23:7) Crazy, I know! 

How you respond to life situations, your fitness, health habits, etc are all a reflection of what thought patterns you repeatedly run. {Not sure I like the answer to that one . . . lol!} 


I heard once that 90% of what we do everyday is merely habit. The way you brush your hair, put on your make up and even putting your shoes on-- it's all a habit!!! 

What if we took this knowledge and applied it to our health, working it to our advanced? Always nice, right?!


So, what if next time you have a craving to go off the deep end you just stopped and tell yourself, "I will not die if I don't eat this. In fact- I know my craving for ___ (fill in the bank) is not what I'm really craving. What area of my life is hurting / unfillfulling or do I need to give attention to and properly address / get help in / etc?" 

And, then --- stop thinking about deprivation and live your life. :p I promise, there's more than just the present moment! =) 

Do you see how this works? When you do this, you're beginning to address the real issue in your life versus covering it up with "food medication". 

You can cover up issues in your life all day long with food (if you want) BUT those cravings will always come back until you settle what's really bothering you. 


Here's an action step- next time you have a craving (intense or weak) ask your these questions: 

"How long could this feeling possibly last?"

"How do I want to feel after this is over?"

And, then tell yourself- "I'm a winner!" 

"I eat like I weigh ___  {insert your healthy weight} lbs"

Ok- so there you have it! My brain just spilled so comment and let me know how you feel about these thoughts and where you relate. :)