Monday, April 23, 2012

Swinging Into the Week :)

{Green smoothies help you think better!}

I made my little bro a green smoothie this morning! I'm really trying to get him hooked on these things and cultivate his taste for healthy dishes, and in this case-- drinks! He's a sweet, intelligent child and will try most anything with a little coaxing. He wanted carrot juice this morning, but we didn't have quite enough to go around so I gave him a few ounces of my strawberry/green smoothie. 

{Garden fresh lettuce with a juicy tomato on sprouted whole wheat bread = deliciousness!}

Mom & dad embarked on a road trip this morning so I made this lunch-on-the-go for them to take as a nutritious option. I used sprouted multi-grain bread as we're desperately trying to eat down our freezer before all the local fresh fruits and vegetables are in full swing.

I worked out this morning too which was slightly painful. I was able to go 10 days with barely any refined sugar (maybe one bite, if any, which can be quite the feat in today's sugar-laden society) until last night. The reason I did this was for workout performance reasons and really just to try and be a good steward of my body. Well... last night I had more than a little leftover cake from Josh's birthday and this morning I paid for it. My muscles just plain ached after exertion and I know it was the effects of unnatural sugar taking place and improper fueling. It's a good reminder for me that food truly is fuel! And the discomfort experienced was enough to make me not want anymore desserts for a while! Hey, take any motivation you can to get that stuff away from you. Sugar depletes our bodies of B vitamins, the energy vitamin, so this is one of the reasons we can experience tiredness or fatigue after a sugary dessert.

Anyways, I ran a total of 4 miles today, plus spent twenty minutes doing some resistance/cardio training and stretching. It was a great workout and left me feeling so good :)

{As you can see, I still have quite a few more weeds to pull. I let it get really bad!}

I also spent time in my little garden today. It's great to be outdoors! I believe I am finally convinced that it's impossible to grow a garden without having to pull weeds. As much as I hate weeding, it is necessary. They somehow always choose to grow right next to my lovely little plants, threatening to choke them. Ahh! I try growing a garden nearly every year and it simply doesn't work to let it go :-) One thing does though-- pull the weeds while they're small. ha! 

The rest of the day included work, work and some more work. It's only mid-afternoon but it always feels good to check things off the list! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Next recipe, healthy chocolate mousse :)

Anyone else growing a garden or have tips on how to make healthy foods appetizing to small kidz?


the nichols' family said...

I've thought about a garden for the past couple of years. I need to follow through!!

love your blog... passing an award your way :)

Liz said...

Ugh I'm quitting sugar and it sucks. I've been juicing to substitute good sugars in. We're growing a garden! Actually my husband it the gardener, I just cook it all!!