Monday, June 25, 2012

"If You Get a Chance, Take It"

I recently read a motivational quote that included this phrase, and it's kept coming to mind ever since. How many opportunities does life present us with, but we fail to see them & snatch them up because they look like hard work and are dressed in overalls (to quote Thomas Edison)?

What inspires me about this little saying is how it implies there's something over the hill, something we haven't seen yet. There's adventure to be had, but you won't know until you put everything you have into running up that gigantic hill to find out! It might take everything you have to get there. It might not. You'll never know until you climb that mountain in your life. Just some thoughts! Let me know what you're thinking :)

{In the truck with my sister Mary on the way to the blueberry farm}

We went blueberry picking over the weekend and ended up picking a little over 20 pounds in about 30 minutes!!! Of course, there were eight people in our group which was a huge help! 

Nothing compares :)

Walking through the patch with Joey. He kept asking me to put the blueberries I picked in his bucket. So cute!

Before going blueberry picking Saturday morning, I helped Josh with an organizational project. You know your little brother is soon going to out weigh you when you ask to have his old t-shirts because he's almost too big for them. Hami-downs from my 14 year old brother, hmmm... never thought I'd live to see the day :)

Saturday afternoon my sisters & I spent a bit of work time together. The kind of project where brain road blocks come up and you don't have a clue what else to do but you have got to figure it out or else... :P

Sunday was church, recharging for the projected week, and visiting with friends from Georgia :) I made these muffins for breakfast (so yummy!) to go along side our boiled eggs. These tasted different from the ones I made last week-- 10x better. I think it's the fresh fruit :)

I really liked this recipe because it was so easy to exchange ingredients for what I had on hand. I made my own "buttermilk" with almond milk & Bragg's apple cider vinegar, and I used honey granules instead of honey. We have got to get some more honey, btw very soon! You don't realize how dependent you are upon things like this until you run low!!!

This picture is from a recent visit to Whole Foods. More chia seeds for green smoothies :-)

And, today? Lots of things have happened, but really? Today I am just grateful. Life could be so different, so very different from how it is right now but it's not- due to God's grace & mercy. I'm grateful to be alive & well. Grateful for the blessings and the hardships, as difficult as that is to say. Grateful for the gift of life and all of my wonderful friends and family that make it so rich.  What are you grateful for?

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