Monday, September 3, 2012

Green Smoothie Challenge: Day 1 of 7

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Alrighty, folks! Time to kick off the Fall 2012: 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge with Day 1! I think it's gonna be an absolute blast and I'm excited to share some recipes throughout the week :) 

dairy free milk

For my green smoothie today, I made this strawberry banana spinach protein smoothie, inspired by Janice. It turned out so sweet and delicious - it could have been a dessert! 

Here's the ingredient list: 
  • 1 cup coconut almond milk (you can use any kind of milk or even water)
  • half banana
  • 1 handful organic fresh baby spinach 
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder ( I used a pea/hemp protein)
  • ice
protein green smoothie

With a simple recipe like this one, green smoothies really are a quick & easy way to get in your greens! I love how this recipe calls for spinach because spinach leaves has contain lots of phyto-nutrients and are a great source of iron, but you can really use any green! 

web browsing

Over the weekend I went to Barnes and Noble to browse the books and do some reading as well as a little computer work. It's a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours and I left feeling inspired and refreshed! The expedition was topped off with a stop by the Vitamin Shoppe on the way home with one of my best friends :) 


I want to say "Happy Birthday!" to my big sister today! Kristen - you are my role model, best friend, inspiration and confident. The hilarious moments, the desperate moments - it's all what sisters share and I'm SO thankful you're mine!!! 

Blessings, dear sister, for another year filled with realizing the dreams you've worked and prayed for! 

Just for fun, I thought I would compile a link list of other bloggers who are doing this 7-day green smoothie challenge with me. Here are a few to get you started, and I'll hopefully get the rest posted by the end of the week :) Enjoy!

Ahh, sorry guys that's all I have time for right now! My sister and I are out to hit the Labor Day sales before the rush. I'll do my best to get your links up later :) Happy Labor Day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You're smoothie sounds delicious! What a great way to start off the day! :D I can't wait for my order of Hemp Protein/Fiber Powder to come in. But until then I'll still have fun whippin' up green smoothies. Thanks so much for contacting me about it. I am so grateful for this challenge! I've been wanting to incorporate more green smoothies into my diet, but it's always much more fun to do it with other people. :) Thanks again!

Andrea V. said...

that looks yummy! and happy birthday to your sister! Thanks for posting my link. I'm loving this challenge so far :)

Bonnie said...

It sounds so good! I would definitely be willing to give it a shot.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88 said...

YUM!!! your photos are beautiful- especially the black and white one :)