Saturday, February 15, 2014

I {Heart} Running!

I'm sssoooooo excited!!! Seriously, did I *just* run 8 miles?!

Not me....

Yes, me!!!

I'm incredibly surprised at how amazing and GOOD that felt!!!

Thanks for the support peoples, I'm never run this far (or long) in my entire life so it was definitely a mile stone/marker. My brain is now opening up to the possibility, and realization that a 1/2 marathon *can* be in my near future. :)

On the training plan for next Saturday is a 10-miler.... comment and let me know your helps! :)

Enjoy your wk/end, and let me know if you're getting in your runs!!!


Liv said...

Besides running that far, your pace is amazing!! Keep it up!

Ashley said...

Great job lady and amazing pace!