Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding Your Passion

How was your day? Mine was amazing!

Nothing compares to doing something you love and seeing it make a positive difference in a person's life! I really wish I could do this for a job and get paid for it. :p More on this later . . . :)

Celery sticks with raw almond butter and raisins or "ants on a log" (as most of us probably know them!) make a great snack. 

I learned something new! Not all healthy nut butters are raw. Oops! Who would have thought? I guess it just never occurred to me to check before!
Thursday is piano day, for me, so I was up to that for part of the day! I recently started Mozart's Sonata in C major. It's a pretty familiar tune so I'm sure you'd recognize it if you heard it. :) I both love and hate trills all in one! Once you get the fingering, the scales are really fun!

Care for a banana sweetened smoothie for breakfast? It was yummy! Did you "go healthy" for breakfast this morning?

I got the new Clinique chubby stick for eyes yesterday!!!! Love it so far. :) I'm not really into healthy make-up yet; girls- if you have any tips I'm certainly open! {Oooh, this is scary. I think I love purple a little too much. Purple eyes, purple nails, purple handbag . . . hehe!}

Workout this morning was an easy 2.1 mile run. I woke-up this morning and my gluteus maximus were screaming the language of "give me a rest"! So I listened. :p I love how incredible a stretching session feels when you're good and sore! 

The weather is looking more and more like spring! Only 2 wks until it's officially here!!! Who else is ready for warm spring?!
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Have you found your life passion yet? :) 

Did you workout today? 
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Sally said...

I HAVE found my passion! Teaching Pilates. It is so great to help people be their healthiest. I literally get to watch peoples bodies transform! I didn't find Pilates as a career until I was 28. There is alway time :)
I DID workout today. A lot.
45 minutes Pilates Mat
2 mile interval run
60 minutes of Yoga

Katherine said...

You always amaze me, girl. Honestly!

Pree said...

My passion is inspiring others to be healthy and fit and writing. One day I hope to be able to do both and make a living from both!

My workout included a 1 mile walk and then cardio recovery with Insanity today. So mostly stretches and controlled excecises.

Never tried those "ants on a log" ... now I must.

Caroline Davies said...

Good run, even if it's only 2 miles!
I am so ready for Spring!


Unknown said...

My passion is teaching aerobics and pilates. It brings me such joy to know I am sharing the gift of health and fitness with others!

Robyn said...

Purple is a great color to love!
I just jumped back onto my treadmill yesterday for the first time in two months! it's hard starting back up again but totally worth it!!

Unknown said...

Ants on a log is my favorite childhood and now grown up snack!! xolili