Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bridal Shower, Workouts, Pizza, Friends, Cake and More . . .

A rather late update from last wk, but here it is! 

This had to be one of the best, if not the best, chocolate cupcake with silky white frosting  . . .  ever! Really wishing you could reach into this picture and experience it right now. :)

Needless to say, the wk/end's food choices weren't the healthiest I've ever chosen. But- that's ok, right? . :) It's Monday now and I'm back on my usual kick! 

Saturday and Sunday held two trips out of town for a funeral which in part explains all the eating out. Funerals are never fun but they are a reminder of what's really important in life and that this earth is not our home! 

This is me and my little bro Saturday night. I'm 14 years older than him (wow!).  So is it possible to call me a "parensiter"? lol! 

Could eat him with a spoon- he's so sweet!

Pappy and the bros letting me snap capture all the handsome-ness in one frame after dinner. :p 

If I had had room there would not have been a morsel left on my plate. :p This was a huuuge slice of oozy, gooey, totally rich and divinely wicked chocolate cake. =) 

Fresh cream and a strawberry to boot! What's your favorite part- the cream, icing or the cake? 

We ate generously thick slices of pizza that were practically dripping with cheese and gourmet sauce. You know, the kind that 'tastes like Rome' (man, I want to go back!) Do you like gourmet cheesy pizza, too? 

I worked out on Saturday and then again today to kick the week off right!  How 'bout you? :)What did the wk/end hold for you, and - how are those workouts coming? 


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