Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping

Remind me never again to wait until the day before July 4th to go swimsuit shopping! There really isn't much left . . . all the small sizes are practically gone and recklessly picked through. :/

At least Allie was with me and we were able to laugh at all the hideous and ridiculous looking options . . . ok, sorry- I'll stop being cynical. :p In the end, we came home with some super cute on sale items! I love you Independence Day clearance racks. :)

What about you?

Swimsuit shopping- do you love it or hate it? What are you doing for America's b-day? :) 

After fireworks and hearing my sister sing for more than a projected 8,000 people tomorrow evening, I'm headed to the beach! Stay tuned for lazy bone and sand between toes reports. =)

Happy 4th!

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shannonmarie said...

I'm not a fan of swimsuit shopping, but I always end up buying a few each year. It's so hard to fit my body type. I need a different size top than bottom, so I can only purchase separates. Good to hear that you got your new suit on sale.