Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holden Beach, Part 1

I love the beach almost as much as I love the mountains. :) 

We left Friday morning for a quick (just over 24 hrs) turn around beach trip! 

Some awesome time with the girl cousins!

Us on a sunset boat ride. =) 

Me and my bro at this awesome store called Beach Mart. It has everything from clothes to mustard! 

Part 2 to come . . . 


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

The beach mart sounds like my kind of store! And you look gorgeous in your photo! Your smile is beautiful!!

Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

UMMM - we are semi-obsessed with the Beach Mart! Kaden has a train from there he plays with all the time. My husband's aunt has a few houses in Holden and we try to get up there a few times a year. We actually stayed there on our honeymoon.

We LOVE the Main Street Rotisserie place beside the Beach Mart!