Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Primary Foods - What They Are


Have you ever noticed that when things are going really well in life and you're experiencing that 'fulfilled feeling' you don't have as many cravings for 'bad foods'? It's because you are being fed by primary foods. :) 

{So, what is a primary food? I know, it sounded cray, cray to me too the first time I heard the term.}

Primary food is anything and everything in your life that you get fed from that doesn't have to do with food you eat through your mouth. :p This is your relationships, emotion, spirituality, your career (is it fulfilling or not?), etc. 

Take a moment and think about your primary foods sources. Where do you get "fed" outside of food? Are your family / friend relationships rocky or solid? What actions can you take to strengthen these relationships?

How about your belief system? Are you believing the truth about who God says you are? 

What brings you satisfaction and joy? 

Are you emotionally dependent on another person to tell you are you "pretty", "skinny", "beautiful", "successful"? It's nice to have someone in our life to tell us these things but we should not dependent on this to 'have a good day'. In other words, your day shouldn't crash bottom because someone forgot to compliment you, text you or something! I love what Marie Forleo says about this.... :) 

Just for an example, let's say you just had an argument with a loved one or close friend. {I know you never do this- it's just to prove the point. :p} Right about now- your boat has been rocked, the rug of emotional comfort and security is currently jerked out from under you and you are--- mad!!!! 

So, now what? 

What "food" source do you turn to? 


Did you know it's ok to hurt? I don't mean physically or emotionally to where it's damaging, but just living in this world we are going to experience pain and discomfort. 

So wish I could just wave a magic wand and make all of life's issues go away, but since we can't . . . 

We need to learn how to deal with this 'pain' or maybe 'discomfort' is a better word choice. Where do you turn for comfort


I find this helpful. :) Embrace the fact that no one is perfect and you won't be either. Let's run with this fact! The sooner we can grasp this the faster rebound time will be after something "goes wrong". :p

Listen to the "self talk" that's going on inside your brain pay attention to truth and throw out the lies. What are you hearing? 

" . . . Tomorrow I'm going on a sugar fast for the rest of my life so I'd better eat as much ice cream as possible tonight since it will be my last time." 

Really? I don't think so. 


Speak the truth to yourself- out of your mouth. This is one of the most effective success principles in the world! 

Just do it. :) 

In answer to the ice cream lie, you could say- "Life is full of wonderful experiences. I can eat ice cream another day, but tonight I don't want any. I am saying 'Yes!' to my health goals- right here, right now." 

I know- I felt absolutely ridiculous when I started doing this but I'm telling you- it works!!! 


Here's a tough one, but if you can reach out and grab this one you will be leaps and bounds ahead of most.

You are what you think. (Proverbs 23:7) Crazy, I know! 

How you respond to life situations, your fitness, health habits, etc are all a reflection of what thought patterns you repeatedly run. {Not sure I like the answer to that one . . . lol!} 


I heard once that 90% of what we do everyday is merely habit. The way you brush your hair, put on your make up and even putting your shoes on-- it's all a habit!!! 

What if we took this knowledge and applied it to our health, working it to our advanced? Always nice, right?!


So, what if next time you have a craving to go off the deep end you just stopped and tell yourself, "I will not die if I don't eat this. In fact- I know my craving for ___ (fill in the bank) is not what I'm really craving. What area of my life is hurting / unfillfulling or do I need to give attention to and properly address / get help in / etc?" 

And, then --- stop thinking about deprivation and live your life. :p I promise, there's more than just the present moment! =) 

Do you see how this works? When you do this, you're beginning to address the real issue in your life versus covering it up with "food medication". 

You can cover up issues in your life all day long with food (if you want) BUT those cravings will always come back until you settle what's really bothering you. 


Here's an action step- next time you have a craving (intense or weak) ask your these questions: 

"How long could this feeling possibly last?"

"How do I want to feel after this is over?"

And, then tell yourself- "I'm a winner!" 

"I eat like I weigh ___  {insert your healthy weight} lbs"

Ok- so there you have it! My brain just spilled so comment and let me know how you feel about these thoughts and where you relate. :) 


Falon said...

Great post full of great reminders and strategies.

Tammy said...

Great post. I am going through this now. I always tend to pacify my stress and emotions with foods, and in times of stress, I reach for unhealthier foods.