Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going Raw: 2 Wk Trial

Alright, guys - I'm going raw . . . for 2 wks! You can expect some interesting recipes to explode from this blog as well as reports on the failures um, I mean challenges that I'm looking forward to facing with a raw food diet!

Ok - so, why the cold turkey? {No pun intended - hehe!} Truth be told - I'm doing this as moral support for someone I love. A whole lot. Plus, I know this person would do this for me (or anything) in a less than a split second so I feel the least I can do is ride the wave with her for a short 14 days. :p

I assure you - food is not a religion for me. Although I like to eat healthy when it's in my control, I can enjoy pretty much any food just as much the next person. :) Going completely raw would not be my first choice, but like I said-- love will make you do craaazzy things!

I'm sure my skepticism (and initial questions) are typical of most people looking into a raw based diet:
  • will i be hungry?
  • can you maintain weight on an all raw diet?
  • what is this going to cost?! 
  • can i do this?!!!!! 
I'm convinced, though, a raw diet this is one of the best diets for alkalinity. Disease thrives in an acidic environment but it CANNOT survive when the body is alkaline. :-) Yes! There are action steps you can take. I suggest testing your pH level as a start!

I already have a string of incredible ideas and recipes that I can't wait to try my hand at! Watch out - you just might be persuaded to give some new foods a try by the end of this. :p

Pictures and recipe reports to come!


Do you like challenges? Join me! :p 

Have you ever experimented with raw foods before?

What percentage of your diet is raw vs. cooked at the moment? 


Ed said...

The ODB song comes to mind lol

RunningJunkie said...

I could never do food challenges. I love food WAY too much. Best of luck to you though!

Kates @ You Betcha Baby said...

I'm excited to see what recipes you come up with!

ms.composure said...

this is a great idea!!
I did this when i first started eating clean and training for my competitions. it is AMAZING how much more energy you you sleep focus is so much better! i am just overall so much better and i can def say it is from all the clean foods i have been eating. it is hard at first but well worth it

Robyn said...

My Friend has a raw food blog and it is amazing! I would check out some of her recipes for inspiration

Dash Interiors said...

Dang girl this is a big deal! Good luck sista face can wait to hear about it! Hey I am wanting to do a post about how good smoothies and juicing is for you if you wanna join up on this together or something I would love your help seeming how you are pro

Luv-2B-Raw said...

You'll do fine & just remember it's just 2 weeks. If everyone went raw for just 2 weeks from time to time they would not only support the alkaline ph in their cells and body fluids, they would also activate their lymphatic system to transport out more waste products that are stored in diverse places. Anyway ~ have FUN with it & Enjoy

Amanda said...

very tasty and delicious food recipies are availabale on this blog. i like the way you are workingDhow cruise Dubai

SH said...

Good luck - let us know how it goes :)

The Hartungs Blog

The secret scrapper said...

Good luck!! I am really interested to see how you get on with this diet!! looking forward to checing out your recipies.

Unknown said...

50% of my diet is raw currently....I love fruits and veggies and love challenges! Have you ever done a juice fast after doing a raw food fast?