Monday, March 11, 2013

Springing Forward!

Happy Monday, dear blog readers! How did you manage the time change? It was a little rough for me considering that I went into it tired, but I'm good to go now and feel all refreshed after a good night's rest. :) Ready to hit this week hard! 

I had the most incredible conversation with a good friend yesterday on the art of goal setting!!! Check out this short little clip - I have a feeling you are going to <3 it! 

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining so I took my lunch outside. :) Organic mixed greens, a shredded carrot with oil based vinaigrette and flax crackers on the side. Hit the spot! 

Total body sculpting workout this morning, stretching + a green smoothie later and I was ready and at it! 

Tomorrow is another health food giveaway! I actually have several boxes from some totally amazing companies that are stacking up (so to speak) and I need to get on this for you guys. Stay tuned. :) 


Pree said...

The time change didn't have an affect on me probably because I went to sleep early the night before!

That was a good video. I am really trying to set goals and achieve them this year!! Goal setting is so important!

Your lunch looked good! Excited for this food giveaway :)

Shelley said...

I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but don't get to have salads that often because hubs won't touch it!!

Brittany Kyte said...

I LOVE flax crackers! It's always funny to eat at work, though, because sneaky flax seeds always seem to get stuck in my teeth. Cute. ;)

Helene said...

oh the time change has made me sooooo sleepy! that yummy food looks delicious!
Helene in Between

Unknown said...

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Heather S-G said...

Yay, such a beautiful sunny day (jealous, it's snowy here)! I'd love to be sitting outside in flip-flops right now...

p.s. - LOVE your ring :)