Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fresh Friday :)

The wk/end is almost here, folks! And, it's Fresh Friday! What top 3 made your wk FRESH and FANTASTIC?

Here are mine. :)

# 1 - excitement from training in a new job (yes! i do believe concrete dispatching is going do be both challenging and fun! fyi- it's a lot more than "just concrete" :p)

# 2 - mock Turkish meal at the best lunch place in town (best food ever! the chef is AMAZING!). I went for the veggie wrap- no regrets!

#3 - bubble jewelry (aren't these new "in" necklaces so versatile? they go with practically anything and i love 'em!)

What are your plans for Memorial Day? Anything special other than sleeping in? :p  

For me - I'm super looking for to this upcoming 3 day siesta. :-)

Getting together with friends and fam for a pool party is pretty much all I have going on! We cookout, layout, grill out, and just have a plain ole good time. :)


Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

Congrats on the new job! Challenges like that are always fun :) Enjoy the long weekend and being poolside!

Pree said...

New jobb! Swwweeeet! & The necklace is so nice!
I finally joined the link up :)
My 3 day weekend will be spent doing homework and an exam. Blah grad school sucks. No fun or grilling for me.

Sally said...

Awesome news about the new job! I just love trying out new things and meeting new people.
I am hoping to grab some pool time, but it may be too chilly here.
Have a great one!