Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's My B-Day ! ! !

And . . . I'm 22!

Whoop-whoop! Have to admit, I absolutely loved age 21- but have no doubt 22 will be even better!!! Of course, though- gotta say! Forever 21 at heart. :p

Gotta work today, but celebrating with friends later this wk. =)

What's been your favorite age (for your life) so far? :) 


Life's a shoe said...

such a lovely blog! hope you had a great birthday!

Katherine said...

Thank you, girlie! =)

Pree said...

I enjoyed the age 22! Now I'm all old lol.
Hope it was a great one :)

Katherine said...

Aaww, thanks Precious! And you are not old . . . :p Young and fun describes you to a t!

Unknown said...

Happy b-day!!!