Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Get Back on Track When You've Fallen Off the Healthy Eating Train

Ok- so it happens . . . even to health nuts like me. :p Sometimes you get off the nutrition track and have to find your way back.

Does this ever happen to you? Or am I the only one?

Here are 3 simple tips!

#1 - Stop telling yourself it's all or nothing. {See the 90/10 rule here}

#2 - Love your life! and be sure you're getting fed by your primary sources.

#3 - Keep it in moderation. :)

And, as a BONUS - focus on fiber! This will help fill you up and most things with fiber are healthy for you.

There you have it! My top 3 tips for staying sane and keeping healthy food in it's place. Don't let it rule your life- that's not what it's about.

So, what's your recovery plan when you aren't getting as healthy as you would like to be eating and how do you get back on track? 


Pree said...

Great tips. I agree with them. Except I do 85/15 rule.

Usually if I had a couple not so healthy eating in the past days I'll start getting back on track by doing what I call a water flush. So drinking like a gallon of water to kind of help get the toxins out my system then possibly eat lots of vegetables and drink green smoothies. Like a mini day detox.

Marleen Swart said...

Great recovery plan.

Liv said...

am i crazy or does your porch have a sky light in it? always thought that would be a brilliant idea but never have seen it done. =)

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