Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of Late . . .

I haven't been blogging much this wk . . . :/ Sorry! I had an exam today and (phew!) now that's over, my belly is full and I'm here de-stressing life is a lot better. :)

Breakfast this morning was brain food. :p

Coconut oil in a pan + one whole egg + 1 egg white + Himalayan salt + a sprinkle of mustard powder, and finally a heaping handful of whatever green you have in the frig = yum-ness that will ride ya through any wave. :)

It turned out to be a spontaneous omelet because I got side tracked and forgot to scramble it.

Oh, well! Do you ever do this?

After the online test (with proctor), it was nearly 1 o'clock so I raided the frig for lunch and made myself a warm ham & cheese tortilla. 

Yum - hit the spot!

Speaking of the test -- it turned out to be waaaay easier than I anticipated . . . don't you think test givers must all be in a conspiracy to keep us reviewing needless to know random facts? 

That being said, I don't get my results back for up to 10 days (agony . . . . !) so maybe I should just shut-up until I know, for sure, that I passed. :p 

Simple easy, 1-2-3 healthy snack post coming up soon! You can probably guess . . . =) I had fun with this photo shoot as the lightly felt perfecto! 

I discovered last night that the delicious Italian Dressing I've been using from Olive Garden has high fructose corn syrup in it. :/ 

Whoopsie! It was good while it lasted. :) 

Keeping up with the healthy lunches around here! How have you done this week? :)

I got the cutest lunch bag at the dollar store a few weeks back! You can kind of see it in the back of this picture. :) 

I went dove hunting with my sister Allie (and rest of family) this past Monday at my uncle's farm. This was quite the experience so I think it should have a whole post dedicated unto itself. lol! Let me know if you want this and I'll dig up some pictures!

Ok-- so that, and work, a voice lesson yesterday (high Bb's really-- I really love you in my living room, but not necessarily in public) and a totally fun time with friends at a birthday party earlier this wk (which I failed to get pictures of :/), possibly singing at a wedding in October and preparing to give you guys a freebie here soon that's about it! 

Ooh, and one more day until the weekend! Saturday night holds a girls movie night here. Any guesses as to what we're watching? :p 

Comment and tell me what this wk's held for you. :) 

How do you like your eggs-- "Runny" or firm? 

Do tests freak you out? Or, are you the envied calm, cool and collected type of person? :p

Do you like to hunt? :)

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Liv said...

Hey! Sounds like a great week, especially with the test now behind you!i always stress over test taking! Definitely don't miss that part of school!! I would live to see a post dedicated to the dove hunt. While I have yet to go hunting I am the proud owner of a 22 rifle and an over under double barrel 20 gauge shot gun. Planning on getting my carry conceal license and a small hand gun for my collection. :)