Sunday, September 15, 2013

Of Late . . .

Fall is here!!!

You know it's a good day when you can go for a 4 mile run in the middle of the day and not feel like you're dying from the heat. :)

Last week was a better running week for me than the few previous. I'd been slacking (i.e.: not running at all) so it feels good to be getting back into some sort of routine!

Running is a release for me. Without it, I'm just not myself- even if it's just a 1/2 miler.

By far, Saturday's run was my fastest in a while. :) Four miles in 33:25 makes me happy!

I made cheesecake Friday night!!! My favorite. :)

Check out the recipe, and cut yourself a handsome slice-- here!

Late night study sessions do exist . . . I was so tired on Saturday from the week that I woke up at 10:26 am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know- I couldn't believe it either. :/ Half the day was gone!

In fact, I checked 3 clocks to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

But, I should mention- I wasn't up late Friday from studying, but rather watching "proposals gone wrong" on YouTube with my sister. We're just weird like that (sorry guys! you would have laughed, too!!!). I totally recommend it if you're searching for a way to make your stomach hurt from induced laughing. :p

Saturday morning, I had a giveaway package that was past due to be mailed . . .  and I made it to the post office within seconds (no joke!) of closing. I sped all the way there (and prayed!). Literally, I was walking in make-up-less and Mr. Post-man locked the door behind me one toe in the door. Phew!

The bad part was I almost started laughing . . . (actually, I probably did- knowing me). I have this weird quirk of laughing at the most moment unexplainable moments (to other people, at least).

Yesterday afternoon I made a batch of yummy blueberry muffins in prep for a house guest that flew in late last night. This picture turned out kind of yellow, but they came out a beautiful golden brown. :)

It's Sunday afternoon now. And, I'm outside on the front porch finishing up this post and writing in my beautiful 1,000 gifts journey. :)

Enjoy your day! Rest up for an exiting new week. :)

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Shannon Tatlock said...

Sometimes sleeping in does the body good. I need those late sleep in days on the weekend, with no alarm. Feel rejuvenated!