Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Organic Beef & Some Life Happenings

Hello, peoples!

I hope you're doing wonderfully!

I seriously dislike visitings a person's blog only to read the "I'm to busy to post" line. That's rude, so I'll spare you and just say -- There ARE dreams and goals, folks- and I'm after them................ =)

Sometimes I do think I'm slightly crazy (or rather not exceling at anything for overbooking myself)--- enrolled in two schools (college & a holistic health certification), tests (i always get nervous before a test), deadlines, trying to work part time in the family business, taking care of my sweet, precious Momma (actually she takes care of me ;), preparing for a Christmas vocal performance just after Thanksgiving, coaching 5 clients (which I love, love!)..... phew! it's fun, y'all- and a great day to be alive!

Dinner tonight was organic, grass-fed beef stew with lots of peas. :) Oh, and 1/2 a bagel of 'fiberous' grain bread with coconut oil and delicious sunbutter. :) You should try it sometime!

I made it for a workout before supper-- weights (5-12 pounders), squats, lunges, crunches, etc. Yesterday was a beautiful run outdoors (3.1 miles in 24:55)-- so much that I'm aching to get out there tomorrow!

But, I won't make it if I don't hit the sack. hehe! I'm a 9-hour kind a gal. Sometimes I'll go on 7.5 during the week, but that makes for a definite nap on Sunday afternoon and sleepy eyes during church which isn't desirable. :p

See ya soon!

What are you doing for runs / workouts this week?

Any delicious dinners, of late? Throw them at me-- you know I'm always open!

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Shannon Tatlock said...

3.1 miles in 25 minutes! You're like a cheetah! I aspire to be that fast! :)

Meal looks delicious. Do you season your beef at all?

PS, rock the vocal exam!