Saturday, March 17, 2012

Healthful Sense

Check out this incredible recipe from Healthful Sense! Bet ya can't guess what this is made from!!! 

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This week has been a tough one to squeeze in workouts, but I've managed to get a few in here and there.  Honestly, it's what's helped keep me going even though my total wkly miles only equals 7 (maybe I can get in a few more by the end of the day?!). Running gives me energy to keep running through life. :-) 

The temptation for me when the going gets tough is to cut out my workouts, but in reality they increase my stamina and help me so much. Why would I want to stop doing something that's helping me (remember, you said this Katherine!)? 

This week has been one of little sleep, catching cat-naps here and there, interesting food (although I've managed to keep most of it clean!), but I feel great and I'm so thankful for that. Next week should prove itself more normal... 


beautyfashionbyme said...

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thanks so much

Unknown said...

I can completely relate with you in trying to balance life and workouts. It's easy for me to cut out the workouts when life gets super busy, but it's my stress relief as well. I'm dying to try that cookie dough, it looks so scrumptious!