Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Look What Came in the Mail!!!

Great anticipation...

A special box from the Raw Organic Vegan Superfood store!

Yeah, it's goji berries!!! My sister Kristen is really into raw foods, and I get the benefit of having a great example of healthy eating. She ordered these and let me have the simple pleasure of opening the box. We got home late last night from a birthday dinner at our grandma Mimi's, but even considering the hour we had to taste these delicious berries. They're great for sweetening smoothies or even just a snack.

Speaking of grandma Mimi, you all will want to check out this yummy cake we had last night!

Oh my! Just looking at this homemade pound cake makes me want another piece! Wish I could share!!!


Cami said...

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Erin James said...

just stumbled upon your blog and love it! great ideas for exercise and food :)
looking forward to reading more, hun!



kaysie said...

Jealous that you love to run.
Jealous that you got to eat all that!

Everytime I try to exercise my shins hurt so bad that I have to stop. Your easy day is 1 mile? That's my "yes I did it!" day haha :)

Lisa said...

I actually have never tried Goji Berries. I'm not sure why, I really should. That's so great that you and your family were able to celebrate your Grandma's birthday together. I bet she appreciated having you all together!