Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Natural Remedies - Be Careful!

I couldn't sleep last night to save my life! I kept waking up at least every hour, maybe occasionally stretching that out to 2 hours. So, #1 note to self? Don't try any new natural remedies or methods right before bed! The way your body reacts, Katherine, might just produce a surge of energy!!!

Check out this article for some interesting thoughts on the healing properties of essential oils and be sure to scroll to the bottom. The antioxidant density is staggering!

Okay, so since I really couldn't sleep last night I decided to put at least some of that extra energy to productive use. Pulling out the brains, reading God's Word (Psalm 34 is a favorite!) and writing out some thoughts seemed to help. :)

I enjoyed a delicious raw salad as part of lunch. My sister made this one so I don't know the recipe off the top of my head, but it was really good!

It's been a fairly calm day - not much excitement. :) Supper was meat and potatoes! Wow. It'd been too long!!! I appreciate a good, hearty meal.

Hope you all are enjoying a fantastic evening! Only two (2) more days until we announce a Cheribundi winner so if you haven't signed up be sure to do so :) Click here!

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Tisa Jacob said...

Haven't entered the giveaway yet, so sorry. Will try and get to it tonight. But I do love the way this salad looks. And Amen to Psalm 34.