Friday, August 10, 2012

Quality vs. Quantity

A defense for chocolate and cake! The question is, is it real food? Watch this little video clip from an Australian cancer survivor.

Well, yes - I admit it, this was me yesterday morning :) Cookies for breakfast! But, when they're made with ingredients that are both delicious & nutritious, how can you resist? They were quality :)

I recently made a trip to Kohl's as I needed a baby theme album for a recent photo shoot I did. While I was there I took a swing by the kitchen section - couldn't help myself :) Look at this steal! Too good to pass up!

These kinds of deals always make me feel really good :)

This was my salad from lunch today at a local restaurant. It was Cajun chicken with all sorts of yummy toppings!

My plate from last night :) I stuffed this roast chicken with carrot, onion and garlic - it turned out super moist! The wheat rolls turned out really well too. Here's the link for what I went off as my base and improvised.

We made ice cream yesterday! Ahh, the joys of summer!!! Nothin' beats it folks, nothin' . . .

Well, it's Friday! And since it is the weekend, I think I might make some pizza - that sounds good! Maybe even a dessert pizza . . . :) What foods to you plan to devour over the weekend? 

It's only mid-afternoon, though so I'd better get back to work! Hoping to do a quick DVD workout this evening before my pizza! :-)

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